Learn How to Create Your Own Perfect Smoothie

Published on April 03, 2019

Create Your Own Perfect Smoothie

Picture of a breakfast smoothie

How can you enjoy a delicious snack while getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables? Smoothies are a great option. Check out the step-by-step instructions below for preparing a smoothie that is filled with the nutrients your body is craving!

Step One: Choose a Liquid

To start off your smoothie, choose a liquid. Lots of liquid will cause your smoothie to be runny or water. So, if you prefer a thicker smoothie only add a small amount of liquid. Some liquids to try are:

• Almond or coconut milk

• Fresh, 100% real fruit juice

• Water

Step Two: Pick your Base

The base of your smoothie will thicken your drink and provide texture. Your base should also provide some protein to help you feel fully satisfied. Some great base options are:

• Yogurt

• Chia seeds

• Nut butter

Step Three: Add Fruit

Now, you can add fruit. Many fruits, especially ones that are water based, are low in calories and high in flavor! Not to mention, they pack lots of key vitamins – especially vitamin C. Feel free to mix-and-match fruits based on your favorite flavors. Some popular combinations are:

• Bananas and strawberries

• Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries

• Kiwi, watermelon and bananas

Hint: Frozen fruit is an inexpensive and easy way to include all your favorite fruits in your smoothies, no matter the season.

Step Four: Load up on Leafy Greens

If you have trouble eating vegetables, adding them to your smoothie is an easy way to make sure you’re getting your daily does. Using vegetables in your smoothie also adds protein, iron and fiber. Some healthy leafy greens to try are:

• Spinach

• Kale

• Avocado

Step Five: (Optional) Add-ons

For extra nutrition and flavor, you can experiment with some optional smoothie ingredients such as:

• Peanut butter or protein powder

• Sugars – stevia, maple syrup or honey

• Spices – cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla

Step Six: Blend it!

The last and final step is to blend your smoothie. Start with a low blending setting and gradually increase to a higher setting if needed. Most smoothies should take between 30 and 60 sections to blend.

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