Doctor to Reach 500-Mile Mark on Hike to Support Bronson Children’s Hospital

Published on June 02, 2016

Doctor to Reach 500-Mile Mark on Hike to Support Bronson Children’s Hospital

Dr. Aaron Lane-Davies, medical director for Bronson Children’s Hospital, is heading back into the woods Thursday, June 2, as he continues his multi-year and multi-mile trek for children’s health. His adventure on the North Country Trail started two years ago, as a way to raise awareness and support for Bronson Children’s Hospital, the only children's hospital in southwest Michigan.

Lane-Davies Hiking in Woods

Lane-Davies’ hiking goal is to cover the entire 1,100 mile stretch of the North Country Trail over four summers. He started at the Michigan/Ohio border in 2014 and is set to hit the 500 mile mark during this weekend’s stretch from Kalkaska to Petoskey.

Just like hiking, Lane-Davies knows building donor support for children’s health services is something that happens over time, and it’ll take effort to sustain. His commitment comes from seeing the importance of maintaining and growing an already strong team of pediatric sub-specialists at Bronson Children’s Hospital. These are the doctors who care for children who need specific, often life-saving treatment. “Today at Bronson, our team is remarkably deep and broad,” says Lane-Davies, “but to keep that broad spectrum of care takes long-term vision and planning.”

Terry Morrow, vice president of development and community health for Bronson Healthcare, says Lane-Davies’ hike supports the Pediatric Specialists Endowment, along with other children’s hospital funds through the Bronson Health Foundation. These funds help maintain special programs and services for Bronson’s young patients close to home. “Dr. Lane-Davies knows how important it is to engage the community in supporting the health of kids in our area," says Morrow. “With each mile he covers, he is building awareness of this important cause one step at a time.”

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Follow Dr. Lane-Davies’ progress during the four day stretch on Facebook (Bronson Methodist Hospital) and Instagram (@bchnct1000).