Easy Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu
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Published on December 10, 2018

Easy Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu

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It seems everywhere you turn lately you are constantly surrounded by people coughing or sneezing. And if you aren’t properly preparing for this cold and flu season, you might be joining them sooner than you realize.

Bronson FastCare® offers these tips to help you stay healthy this winter season.

  1. Get a Flu Shot.
    Everyone in the family should get a flu shot. This is the easiest and best thing to do to avoid getting the flu.

  2. Wash Your Hands.
    Wash your hands frequently. Use soap and warm water for 20 seconds. Or, clean with alcohol-based gel or foam.

  3. Get Plenty of Rest.
    You need plenty of sleep to help keep your immune system in tip-top shape this time of year. You should be getting an average of eight to 10 hours of sleep a night.

  4. Exercise.
    Work out regularly. This enhances immune function. You should have a general goal to exercise for at least 30 minutes most days of the week.

  5. Eat Healthy.
    Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to support your immune system. Look for foods that are high in essential vitamins – like kale or oranges.

Need to Get Your Flu Shot?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone age six months and older get a flu vaccination. The vaccine is available at various Bronson locations. Fees vary based on the location, type of flu vaccine and your insurance coverage. Click here to find a Bronson location near you offering flu shots or the flu mist.

If you do catch a cold or the flu this season, visit Bronson FastCare®. Our qualified healthcare providers are here to help and no appointment is required. There are two Bronson FastCare® locations in Kalamazoo. We’re open Monday through Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Bronson FastCare® provides a wide range of treatments and services. It’s about getting help when you’re sick or itchy – with little or no wait, for one low price. Click here for more information on our other urgent care and emergency department locations in the Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Paw Paw areas.

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