Family Donates Second "Cuddle Cot" to Bronson Birthplace - Bronson Healthcare

Published on December 21, 2016

Family Donates Second "Cuddle Cot" to Bronson Birthplace

The Bronson Birthplace in Kalamazoo recently received a donation of a Cuddle Cot thanks to the generosity of Jessi and Bret Flower. The Flower’s gift will help grieving families who experience the death of a newFlower family pictured with Bronson staffborn.

Cuddle Cots are special cooling beds used to preserve a baby’s body allowing grieving families to spend irreplaceable hours with their child. Because this resource wasn’t available to the Flower’s when their son Ford was stillborn in November of 2013, they wanted to ensure that other families had this valuable tool. They donated the Cuddle Cot in honor of Ford’s third birthday, and sincerely hope there will never be the need to use it. This is the second Cuddle Cot the Flower family has provided to Bronson with the first being donated last year to Bronson Battle Creek’s Birthplace.

The Flower’s worked with the U.S. Cuddle Cot Campaign Initiative, a nonprofit that helps supply and fund Cuddle Cots. They connected with the Bronson Health Foundation to present the Cuddle Cot to Bronson Methodist Hospital.