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Published on October 28, 2016

Five Reasons to Include More Weight Lifting in Your Workout Routine

Fall is here – and for many of us that means Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts, company parties and holiday stress. If you find yourself over indulging during this time, consider spending more of your gym time in the weight section. You will be amazed with the results. Below are five reasons you should be upping your weight lifting regimen at the gym.

1. Burn more calories
Although long stretches of cardiovascular exercise will burn more calories than weight lifting during the actual workout, lifting weights allows your body to torch more calories long after your workout – up to 36 hours post workout, that is! Also, having more muscle mass on your body helps burn more calories even when you are inactive.

2. Keep the weight off for good
Because weight lifting helps burn calories even when you are at rest, it can help aid in long term results. Studies have shown that weight training three days a week is enough to help keep your metabolism up throughout the week in order to maintain a current weight.

3. Torch belly fat
Although there is no real way to lose weight from just one trouble area on our bodies, a study from the University of Alabama found that women who added weight lifting to their exercise routine lost more fat around their midsection than those who simply did cardio. Plus, when you lift weights, you are able to tone and define specific areas of your body that need more attention – like your arms, back or thighs.

4. Improve your mood and handle stress better
Sometimes stress can be unavoidable. But studies have shown that regular exercise can help combat the negative side effects of stress. Even more, weight lifting has been linked to better brain health and decreased anxiety and tension.

5. Sleep better
Participating in any form of exercise has been shown to help you sleep better. However, according to a study from Appalachian State University, lifting weights has been shown to help people sleep more soundly.

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