Flavors of Life: Senior Healthy Cooking Demonstration - Bronson Healthcare

Published on August 19, 2013

Flavors of Life: Senior Healthy Cooking Demonstration

Nutrition is important at every age, especially for older adults. Eating a healthful diet can help keep your body strong and goes a long way in lowering your risk for many diseases.

On Tuesday, September 10, three members of the Bronson Battle Creek ‘Sodexo’ food service department will offer cooking demonstrations at Burnham Brook Center. Their ‘Flavors of Life: Senior Healthy Cooking Demonstration,’ which is free to the public, is sponsored through Senior Health Partners in coordination with Bronson Battle Creek.  Light snacks follow their 11:45 a.m. demonstration. Seating is limited. For reservations call toll free (800) 451-6310.

As we age, it can sometimes become more difficult to eat certain foods. That can be compounded if you experience health problems or cannot remain as active as you did when you were younger. You may also find that you are not as hungry as often. As a result you may not feel like preparing meals, or decide to skip some, which in the end may jeopardize your health even more.

Executive Chefs John Fear and Art Streano, and Carol Selden, a registered dietitian, will offer a cooking demonstration and give solutions to eating problems older adult often experience. Attendees will learn how to prepare and cook a meal, what to eat when you don’t feel very hungry, and easy recipes for healthful eating that taste good.

Senior Health Partners, a community partnership of Bronson Battle Creek, CentraCare, Region 3B Area Agency on Aging and Summit Pointe, works to expand wellness and educational offerings to senior citizens in Calhoun and surrounding counties.