Halloween Fun at Bronson Children's Hospital

Published on October 31, 2019

Halloween Fun at Bronson Children's Hospital

Patients at Bronson Children's Hospital received a special Halloween treat today as costumed Bronson employees visited patient rooms bringing toys and trinkets.

The reverse trick-or-treating makes it easy for ill and injured children to still take part in Halloween even though they are in the hospital. It also gives patients an opportunity to show off their own costumes.

This year some of the children transformed into characters including Mario, Black Panther, and Rapunzel along with a number of fairies and princesses. Patients brought costumes from home or picked out dress-up clothes provided through generous donations to the children's hospital.

150 Bronson employees from 22 different departments throughout the hospital volunteered to dress-up and take part in the Halloween tradition. Staff at the children’s hospital describe it as the most fun hour and a half of the entire year, where everyone’s mood is lifted and stays that way for the rest of the day.