Halloween Parade Brings Treats to Young Patients

Published on October 31, 2016

Halloween Parade Brings Treats to Young Patients

Patients at Bronson Children's Hospital received a special Halloween treat today as costumed Bronson employees put on an annual trick-or-treat parade. To make it easier for ill and injured children to take part in trick-or-treating, staff members went from room to room delivering small toys and games to the young patients. It also gave the patients an opportunity to show off their own costumes.

"We know how tough it is for kids to have to miss out on trick-or-treating in their own neighborhoods," says child life-specialist Miranda Ray. "This is a way for our patients to still take part in Halloween fun while they are in the hospital."

Baby dressed as Buzz Lightyear for the Bronson Children's Hospital Halloween ParadePatients brought costumes from home or picked out dress-up clothes provided through generous donations to the children's hospital. Some of the young patients transformed into Captain America, Buzz "Memphis" Lightyear, Ultron, a zebra and a zombie.

Family during the Bronson Children's Hospital Halloween Parade

Parent Tim Dibble said today's trick or treating was a bonus for the patients, including his son Timmy, who dressed as a zombie. "Halloween is his favorite holiday," Dibble says. "The trick or treating is great because it breaks up the monotony of being in the hospital and having tests and everything else."

Bronson employees from nine different units throughout the hospital volunteered to dress-up and take part in the parade. Bronson’s child life specialists and art and music therapists teamed up to each take on the look of a Pokemon character during the event.

Last week, patients were given the option to select a Halloween-themed pillow case to use and take home with them. Those cases were sewn and donated by volunteers.

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