Letter to the Community from the Bronson Healthcare Board of Directors

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Published on November 01, 2021

Letter to the Community from the Bronson Healthcare Board of Directors

Thank Bronson Caregivers by Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

While the world has opened up in many ways, hospitals are again operating at crisis levels due to another COVID-19 surge of patients. Michigan is averaging 3,729 new coronavirus cases a day, almost three times the daily average at this time last year. People who are not fully vaccinated comprised 86% of new coronavirus cases in the past month, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Across the Bronson Healthcare system, we are averaging over 50 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 per day. This puts a strain on all parts of the health system. The staff is working hard to maintain timely access to care, but we know that many community members are experiencing longer lead times for elective surgeries and procedures, extended waits in our emergency departments or even diversions to other hospitals when we are full.

Over the last year, the employment market has also reached a crisis. Across the country, nurses, and clinicians are experiencing burnout and many have left the profession. With staffing challenges and employee fatigue, everyone is doing more to meet the demands of this ongoing pandemic. The caregivers whom everyone called heroes last year are exhausted, stressed and often feel forgotten by our communities. They have tested and treated thousands of patients and continue to battle this disease on the frontlines 24/7. They continue to see the heavy burden of COVID-19 and the host of complications, long-hauler symptoms and deaths it causes.

Unlike the pandemic’s previous surges, however, there are now effective vaccines to fight COVID-19. The vaccines protect against serious illness, hospitalization, and death. Bronson, along with most healthcare organizations, is requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment.  To date, nearly 7,000 employees (over 80% of our staff) are fully vaccinated and hundreds more have received their first doses of vaccine.

Among leading clinical and medical associations and public health experts and researchers worldwide, there is unequivocal agreement about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines in ending the pandemic. But, for vaccines to work, people have to take them. As a patient, you trust Bronson with your health needs for every other major medical event in your life.  Please put your trust in Bronson about the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Our staff needs your support to help stop this pandemic so that they have the capacity to treat all who are in need of medical services.

It is only by coming together in the fight against COVID-19 that we can protect and advance the health of our communities. Please visit bronsonhealth.com to sign up for your initial COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot.  And, please join us in thanking all Bronson providers and staff for their continued sacrifice during these trying times. They remain our healthcare heroes! 

Bronson Healthcare Board of Directors

  • Richard Allen, MD
  • Mark Atkinson, MD
  • Sridhar Chalasani, MD
  • Scott Davidson, MD
  • Randall Eberts, PhD
  • Katy Fink
  • Scott Gibson, MD
  • Jorge Gonzalez, PhD
  • James Greene, Jr.
  • Brenda Hunt
  • Barbara James
  • William Johnston
  • Mahesh Karamchandani, MD
  • Nelson Karre
  • James Liggins, Jr.
  • Steven Lins, MD
  • Bill Manns
  • LaJune Montgomery Tabron
  • Neil Nyberg
  • Michael Odar
  • Donald Parfet