New Artwork Honoring Veterans Now on Display

Published on November 11, 2019

New Artwork Honoring Veterans Now on Display

The first in a series of art pieces to honor Bronson veterans and their family members who have served in the armed forces is now on display at Bronson Methodist Hospital. The artwork, titled Heroes Among Us, is a tribute to veterans and their service to the nation, our communities and to the Bronson Healthcare system. It is made with watercolor and graphite pencil on canvas.

The Bronson Health Foundation and the Bronson Veteran Tribute Task Force, which includes veterans from across the Bronson Healthcare system, have been working on the project over the past year. Each of Bronson’s four hospitals will receive a piece of artwork created by Andrew J. Woodstock, a veteran of the United States Air Force. He is working to complete the displays for Bronson Battle Creek, Bronson LakeView and Bronson South Haven.

To see the first tribute, visit the first floor of the Medical Office Pavilion at Bronson Methodist Hospital, near the gift shop.

Bronson is thankful to the donors who made these tributes possible, including community members and employees who contribute to the Bronson Health Foundation Veteran’s Fund.