New Child Friendly Ambulance for Bronson

Published on February 27, 2017

New Child-Friendly Ambulance for Bronson

Pediatric ambulanceNew Bronson Children's Hospital pediatric ambulance

A new ambulance specially designed to transport sick and injured children to Bronson Children’s Hospital will soon be on the road throughout southwest and south central Michigan. The pediatric ambulance was made possible through
generous donations to the Bronson Health Foundation from community groups and individuals throughout the region. More than 2,000 people who took part in the 2016 Bronson Children’s Hospital 5k Run/Walk also contributed.

The new ambulance will travel to area hospitals and doctors’ offices with a pediatric transport nurse onboard who is trained to care for the specific needs of children. While in transit, the nurse is in constant contact with the awaiting care team at Bronson Children’s Hospital. The vehicle carries medical equipment designed for young patients including small blood pressure cuffs,

Ceiling of pediatric ambulance

Blue sky inside pediatric ambulance

IVs and breathing tubes. The ambulance also has a child-friendly artistic design with flowers, blue sky and puffy white clouds on both the interior and exterior.

“To be able to have our own vehicle, and to know it will always be stocked for whatever pediatric emergency we encounter brings peace of mind to our team and to the patients and families we provide care for,” says Becky Peariso, pediatric transport nurse. “That means when a child needs to be transferred from a local hospital emergency department to the Level I Trauma Center at Bronson, we will always be well-equipped to meet their needs.” Currently, pediatric patients are transferred in ambulances designed for adults, and the transport team must bring along child-specific medical equipment.

Bronson Battle Creek Volunteers and AmbulanceBronson Battle Creek Volunteers

Bronson Health Foundation has been working for more than two years to raise nearly $300,000 needed to purchase the pediatric ambulance. “We’ve had tremendous support from donors who recognize that this ambulance is significant to the health and safety of children in communities throughout the region,” says Terry Morrow, vice president of development and community health, Bronson Healthcare. “It provides a unique service that immediately connects young patients to expert trauma and pediatric care at the most critical time.”

List of sponsors

Donor recognition

The ambulance is operated as part of the Life EMS ambulance fleet, and is driven by a Life EMS paramedic. Another ambulance specifically designed for neonatal patients is also currently being built with donor support from BHF. It will replace an aging ambulance that is used to transport newborns to the neonatal intensive care unit at Bronson Children’s Hospital. That new vehicle is expected to be ready later this year.

For information on how to donate to support the new neonatal vehicle or other Bronson Children’s Hospital programs, or to find out more about the Bronson Health Foundation, visit or call 269-341-8100.