New Radiation Technology at Bronson Cancer Center – Battle Creek

New Radiation Technology at Bronson Cancer Center – Battle Creek

Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek has unveiled a new piece of sophisticated medical technology which significantly enhances radiation treatment for cancer patients in southwest Michigan.

The new HyperArc technology is an expansion of the Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator, which Bronson installed in January 2020. HyperArc allows radiologists to deliver high-definition radiotherapy (HDRT) to patients – as opposed to the standard stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). Using HDRT, HyperArc reduces radiation treatment times, reduces patient movement during treatment, and improves tumor targeting. For the cancer care team, this means improved workflows and the most accurate, automated radiation treatment. For the patient, this means:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Improved comfort during treatment
  • The highest level of tumor targeting, which reduces damage to non-infected tissue

“Having this new HyperArc technology marks a significant investment in cancer care for our region,” says Dr. Randy Mudge, radiation oncologist at Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek and physician-in-chief for oncology services for the Bronson Healthcare system. "It reflects our commitment to deliver exceptional care at Bronson Battle Creek, and helps reassure those with a cancer diagnosis that they can receive comprehensive cancer treatment right in their own community. As a nationally accredited cancer care center, our staff is well-trained and well-equipped to treat cancer using medical, surgical and radiation therapies.”

The new equipment is part of an overall $3.5 million radiation oncology initiative that includes additional technology and building renovations at the Cancer Center. HyperArc was purchased through the generous support of donors to the Bronson Health Foundation. In particular, Bronson Battle Creek Hospital Community Partners Board and the Bronson Battle Creek Volunteers made significant investments toward the purchase of this new technology.

Specific features of the new HyperArc include:

  • Automated radiation treatment technology, ensuring patient safety.
  • Shorter treatment times, leading to increased patient comfort and convenience.
  • Improved tumor targeting, resulting in less damage to surrounding tissues.

Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek delivers an estimated 6,000 doses of radiation to patients with cancer every year. Treatment with the new high-definition radiotherapy will make that care faster and more accurate than ever.

To learn more about cancer care at Bronson, visit To learn about Bronson Cancer Center - Battle Creek visit their location webpage.

  • Photo of the new hyperarc technology at Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek

    Radiation treatment using the new HyperArc technology will now be faster and more accurate than ever.

  • Photo of Dr. Randy Mudge standing in front of the linear accelerator, used for radiation treatment.

    Dr. Randy Mudge

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  • Photo of Brian Roy, cancer care center patient, along with his oncologist, Dr. Bhagwati.

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