Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

Published on June 13, 2018

Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer affects about 1 in 250 men every year. While there have been several technological advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment, you are still the best and first line of defense in noticing certain changes with your body.

As with any form of cancer, there are a variety of factors that are important to keep in mind such as signs, symptoms, what type of cancer it is and how can it be treated. Every cancer is different, and every cancer journey is unique.

What is Testicular Cancer?
Testicular cancer is when there are cancerous cells present in the testicles. Like the rest of the human body, testicles are made up of many different cells which can develop into different types of cancer. Each type of cancer is treated differently. The prognosis for the patient can also vary depending on the variation of testicular cancer he is suffering from.

Who is at Risk?
There are a variety of risk factors to take into consideration when determining if someone is at low or high risk for getting testicular cancer. Men who are at higher risk for this type of cancer may:

  • Have a family history of it
  • Be white/Caucasian
  • Have had testicular cancer before
  • Have HIV

How do you Treat Testicular Cancer?
Depending on the type of testicular cancer and the stage that it is at, there are different treatment options. These include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. Over the past several years, more has been learned about cancer and how it develops. Technological advancements allow healthcare providers to treat cancer more effectively.

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