Six Straight Years - Bronson is One of the Nation's Best Places for Working Moms

September 23, 2008

For a sixth consecutive year, Kalamazoo’s largest employer, Bronson Healthcare Group, has been named by Working Mother magazine as one of the nation’s “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.”

The 2008 Working Mother 100 Best Companies celebrates employers whose groundbreaking benefits – from flexible schedules and childcare to innovative leave policies for new parents – are helping redefine workplace standards across the nation. Leading a significant and ongoing culture shift, Bronson has successfully used company wide benefits and programs to grow and retain a highly motivated workforce.

“The economy is not going to alter the commitment of companies like Bronson to working mothers, because they've made family-friendly policies a part of their corporate DNA,” said Carol Evans, CEO of Working Mother Media. “Supporting families is a vital part of their culture and not just an added benefit.”

According to Frank J. Sardone, Bronson president and CEO, “Being a national leader in healthcare quality is dependent on our ability to attract and retain a ‘best of the best’ staff. Learning that Working Mother has again rated Bronson’s workplace among the best in the country is extremely rewarding feedback. We are very proud of the quality and size of the workforce that we have built here and the skills and expertise they bring to this community. The economy may be down, but Bronson is still experiencing positive momentum.”

The Working Mother 100 Best list includes all industries and organizations of all sizes as it recognizes those employers in the United States that have achieved excellence in the workplace environment. Bronson is one of only four companies in Michigan to be named to the 2008 list (others are Chrysler, Dow Corning, Dow Chemical), and of the four, is the only non-profit.

Profiled in the October issue of Working Mother magazine, Bronson is celebrated for creating a work environment that is especially hospitable to all women.

“We recognize the challenges that face working parents and grandparents. That’s why we provide benefits such as child care resources and emergency back-up daycare; generous time off and leaves of absence for new parents; health insurance for part-timers; and family-friendly programs like concierge services, summer camps for kids, and memberships to the Bronson Athletic Club that support healthy lifestyles,” said John Hayden, vice president and chief human resources officer at Bronson. “In addition, many employees take advantage of flexible hours, telecommuting or working 10- or 12-hour shifts that allow them to work three or four consecutive days followed by another three or four days off.”

In making family friendly policies (including flextime, childcare and telecommuting) the norm, Bronson joins the other 100 Best in creating corporate cultures that result in high employee satisfaction and that encourage the retention and promotion of female employees. In addition to measuring each company’s work/life program offerings, Working Mother also measures the success of these programs. It tracks whether employees actually use the programs and whether the programs get better each year. A survey gathering employee feedback is conducted as part of the evaluation process.

Bronson representatives will join other 2008 honorees at a special ceremony in New York City in October.

Methodology: Companies were selected for the 2008 Working Mother 100 Best Companies based on an extensive application with more than 500 questions. The application included detailed questions about workforce, compensation, childcare, flexibility programs, leave policies and more. It also checked the usage, availability and tracking of programs, as well as the accountability of managers who oversee them. Seven areas were measured and scored: workforce profile, compensation, childcare, flexibility, time off and leaves, family-friendly programs, and company culture. For this year’s 100 Best, particular weight was given to family-friendly policies, flexibility, leave policies and benefits for part-timers. A complete list of the 2008 Working Mother 100 Best Companies can be found at

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