Tips for Staying Safe During Winter

Published on February 05, 2021

Tips for Staying Safe During Winter

Dr. Oreste Romeo, medical director of Bronson's Level I Trauma Center, shows us how it’s done! Here are a few of his tips for staying safe out there:

❄️ If you have to be outside, go in to warm-up frequently. Change into dry layers immediately and before heading back out.

❄️ Cover up as much skin as you can. This includes your nose, cheeks and ears.

❄️ If you start feeling cold or numbness, don’t think just 10 more minutes won’t hurt. Go in right away. That little bit of time could bring frostbite or hypothermia.

❄️ Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. You may not be able to tell when you are getting too cold. Smoking slows your circulation.

So, take it from Dr. Romeo, and bundle up!