Van Buren Emergency Medical Services Ambulances Now Equipped with Defibrillators that Wirelessly Transmit Data to Hospitals - Bronson Healthcare

Published on October 18, 2013

Van Buren Emergency Medical Services Ambulances Now Equipped with Defibrillators that Wirelessly Transmit Data to Hospitals

Van Buren Emergency Medical Services (VBEMS) recently introduced new ambulance equipment that provides first responders with critical patient health information, and wirelessly transmits it to hospitals so staff are prepared when patients arrive.

The new monitor-defibrillator equipment, called the ZOLL X Series, is the first of its kind to use integrated WiFi technology. It can take a patient’s blood pressure readings, check the heart rhythm, oxygenation levels, and carbon monoxide levels and can even provide an electrical shock if one is required. Patient data is provided in real time, helping first responders make decisions faster and more accurately. Wireless transmission helps the Emergency Medical Services crew and hospital staff work more efficiently as a team, to treat the patient without delay.”

“Once a person is in cardiac arrest, it’s a matter of life and death,” said Dennis Reynolds, Van Buren Emergency Medical Services Operations Manager. “This equipment not only helps us save lives, but makes the lives of our first responders a great deal easier by having so many life-saving capabilities in one unit.

The X Series was designed expressly for professional rescuers to meet the specific demands and extreme conditions that VBEMS paramedics face every day. Based on a platform for the military and air medical operations, the equipment also improves CPR quality to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing. It helps paramedics by measuring the depth, rate and effectiveness of chest compressions, allowing them to see underlying heart rhythms without pausing.

Reynolds stated, “With this upgraded technology, we believe we are better equipped to protect the lives of Van Buren County citizens whom we are honored to serve.”


VBEMS is a not-for-profit ambulance company that has been serving Van Buren County since 1987. It is owned and operated by Bronson Healthcare based in Kalamazoo, which also owns Bronson LakeView Hospital in Paw Paw. Van Buren County contracts with VBEMS to provide emergency medical response services in the townships of Almena, Antwerp, Arlington, Decatur, Hamilton, Lawrence, Paw Paw, Porter and Waverly. Services include: 911 emergency medical service; advanced cardiac and trauma transports; critical care and long distance transfers; and non-emergency and wheelchair transports.