Bronson Nursing: Strong. Compassionate. Resilient.

Bronson Nursing: Strong. Compassionate. Resilient.

To all nurses - we celebrate you! As nurses, you’re at the forefront of patient care. Your ability to work as a team, problem solve and advocate for your patients, and provide compassionate care is admirable. Together, we advance the health of our communities. COVID-19 has brought many challenges, but your dedication to your profession and your colleagues never waivers.

BSH team members enjoying their new space

The new Bronson South Haven hospital has opened, and staff is loving the new space! The space is bright and welcoming, and full of new technology and equipment to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. Learn more about the new hospital and take a virtual tour now.

Be Well: Shout out to Bronson Battle Creek ED nurses!

Recently, BBC ED nurses Jenn Mcnutt and Shelly Mathewson completed a trek along the US continental divide on bike! What a great example Bronson’s key behavior of “Be Well.” Taking the time to develop a healthy work-life balance can be challenging – especially for healthcare workers during this pandemic. Great job to both for taking care of themselves, so they can come in to work and provide exceptional care for patients and families.

Photo of Jen and Shelly, two emergency department nurses, riding their bikes along the US Continental Divide.

A note to nurses, from a loving grandmother

Reita Walter, grandmother of Bronson Methodist Hospital Pediatric/PICU Unit Coordinator Kelly Korf, RN, BSN, raised five children in a tiny house. Reita worked 27 years as a nursing assistant. She loved to look at the stars and told Kelly when and how to watch the skies. And Reita wrote. She wrote to Kelly.

Kelly found her grandmother’s letters recently and paused to read the faded words penned in cursive ... Words given her after high school graduation and before Kelly started the nursing program at Kalamazoo Valley Community College in 2000.

“Always have a smile,” Reita wrote. “Always remember you’re trying to help them get better.” And the practical: “WASH YOUR HANDS.” and “Assemble items for the type of patient you're going to see.”

Kelly said her grandmother’s words were more than advice for a new nurse; they reflected her grandmother’s life.

“My grandmother was a sassy gal but was always there for our family,” Kelly said. “When I was 8 years old, after witnessing a helicopter landing at an accident, I decided I wanted to go into the medical field. My grandma was excited to hear this. She would talk about what it was like to work at the hospital and the way she cared for us as kids. She was definitely a caring and kind woman.”

Kelly said she took her grandmother’s words to heart and, adding her own experience to the wisdom her grandmother shared, has some advice of her own:

  • “Always do what you think is best for the patient. Listen to your gut, and don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability,” Kelly said. “When things get tough, it’s OK to cry. … My grandma … said there are some bad days and some of those days will stick with you, but the good by far will outweigh the bad.”

Image of a handwritten note to a Bronson nurse

Reita Walter was a nursing assistant for 27 years at Three Rivers Hospital. She worked until 1980, mostly in mother-baby and labor and delivery. She died in 2007 at 83 and had been married to Gerald until he died in 1979.

Kelly graduated in 2004 from KVCC, then went on to earn a BSN from Spring Arbor in 2009.

Recognizing & inspiring each other through stories

Thank you, Bronson nurses!
Watch this video from president & CEO Bill Manns, as he shares a heartfelt kudos and words of appreciation for all your hard work work and the sacrifices you have made to help keep our community healthy and safe.

Your stories inspire!
As nurses, you have stories to tell... Stories forged from taking care of people in need, a community in need, colleagues in need and at times, a hospital in need. We want to hear these stories! To submit a story or a photo that represents you as a nurse, a collaborative effort between you and a fellow Bronson nurse, or why you chose to become a nurse, email JeanAnn Miller in nursing administration at

"COVID has been rough, but we got through it together."
Hear why sisters Beth and Joann are proud to be Bronson nurses."
"Bronson is my home."
Listen to why PACU nurse Wendy loves being a nurse, and hear her advice to other nurses, as we work through the ongoing challenges and stresses of COVID-19.
"They are some of the most resilient nurses I have worked with."
Listen as nurse manager Corrie sends kudos and appreciation to her perioperative team members."

Positivity inspires us, and it inspires others

Check out these stories of Bronson nurses putting Positivity into action. Do you know a Bronson nurse who goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional patient care? Honor them with a story on

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Photo of three nurses from Bronson Battle Creek's C5 Oncology Unit“What an awesome thing they did.”

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Photo of Kathy Smiarowski, BSH Nurse

“Kathy was compassionate and thoughtful.”

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Illustration of a graduation cap2021 Nursing Scholarship Winners

Kudos to everyone pursuing advanced degrees!

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Illustration of a nurse superhero

Not all heroes wear capes

You're appreciated for keeping our communities safe & healthy!

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