Bronson Nursing: Strong. Compassionate. Resilient.

Bronson Nursing: Strong. Compassionate. Resilient.

To all nurses - we celebrate you! As nurses, you’re at the forefront of patient care. Your ability to work as a team, problem solve and advocate for your patients, and provide compassionate care is admirable. Together, we advance the health of our communities. COVID-19 has brought many challenges, but your dedication to your profession and your colleagues never waivers.

"And we have each other"

Judy Powers, RN, a nurse in the BMH surgery department, wrote some words recently after reflecting on her team and the work they’re doing in this challenging climate. Read the whole note here.

Photo of Judy Powers, RN

A culture of gratitude

2020 and 2021 have been challenging for all of us - especially frontline healthcare workers. To show gratitude and recognize staff for all they are doing during these difficult times, the BMH PACU leadership team presented each staff member with a copy of “The Little Book of Gratitude” by Dr. Robert Emmons. "The hope was that this would help promote a culture of gratitude among our staff who has weathered the rigors of nursing during COVID,” explains Jim Krause, RN, PACU shared governance rep.

BSH team members enjoying their new space

The new Bronson South Haven hospital has opened, and staff is loving the new space! The space is bright and welcoming, and full of new technology and equipment to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. Learn more about the new hospital and take a virtual tour now.

Be Well: Shout out to Bronson Battle Creek ED nurses!

Recently, BBC ED nurses Jenn Mcnutt and Shelly Mathewson completed a trek along the US continental divide on bike! What a great example Bronson’s key behavior of “Be Well.” Taking the time to develop a healthy work-life balance can be challenging – especially for healthcare workers during this pandemic. Great job to both for taking care of themselves, so they can come in to work and provide exceptional care for patients and families.

Photo of Jen and Shelly, two emergency department nurses, riding their bikes along the US Continental Divide.

Nurses use their voices to cope with a difficult year

Watch this video of a group of nurses from Northwell Health, located in New York, who used their voices to cope with a difficult year and got the ‘Golden Buzzer’ for it. This video was shared by Tresa Kruis, Nursing Director of Cardiovascular Services and MICU, and then by Marla Atkinson, Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, at the August Divisional Nursing Shared Leadership Council meeting.

Recognizing & inspiring each other through stories

Thank you, Bronson nurses!
Watch this video from president & CEO Bill Manns, as he shares a heartfelt kudos and words of appreciation for all your hard work work and the sacrifices you have made to help keep our community healthy and safe.

Your stories inspire!
As nurses, you have stories to tell... Stories forged from taking care of people in need, a community in need, colleagues in need and at times, a hospital in need. We want to hear these stories! To submit a story or a photo that represents you as a nurse, a collaborative effort between you and a fellow Bronson nurse, or why you chose to become a nurse, complete this form.

"COVID has been rough, but we got through it together."
Hear why sisters Beth and Joann are proud to be Bronson nurses."
"Bronson is my home."
Listen to why PACU nurse Wendy loves being a nurse, and hear her advice to other nurses, as we work through the ongoing challenges and stresses of COVID-19.
"They are some of the most resilient nurses I have worked with."
Listen as nurse manager Corrie sends kudos and appreciation to her perioperative team members."

Positivity inspires us, and it inspires others

Check out these stories of Bronson nurses putting Positivity into action. Do you know a Bronson nurse who goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional patient care? Honor them with a story on

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