Bronson Nursing: Strong. Compassionate. Resilient.
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Bronson Nursing: Strong. Compassionate. Resilient.

To all of our amazing Bronson nurses - we celebrate you! As nurses, you’re at the forefront of patient care. Your ability to work as a team, problem solve and advocate for your patients, and provide compassionate care is admirable. Together, we advance the health of our communities.

"Thank you for all your continued dedication to our community and to one another!"

Dorothy Malcom, CNO at Bronson Battle Creek, recently shared a kudos and acknowledgement to the team at BBC. "This last year, the team not only continued to care for our community as the pandemic spread, but we had the privilege of a visit from our friends at The Joint Commission for our triannual survey. The team never missed a beat."

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"Through adversity, you have made a difference!"

Christi Fitzgerald, CNO at Bronson LakeView and Bronson South Haven Hospitals, shared her praise for nursing staff at BLH and BSH, citing the recent awards both hospitals received on behalf of the communities they serve:

  • The Paw Paw Area Chamber of Commerce presented BLH with the Quiet Heroes Award
  • BSH received the Bobby Walker Outstanding Leadership Award
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"BMH exceeded their expectations during the most trying times and this was the best visit they have had during the pandemic."

Marla Atkinson, CNO at Bronson Methodist Hospital, reflected on the wins of this past year, highlighting the recent Comprehensive Stroke Center re-accreditation visit. The feedback she received from surveyors is a direct reflection of the care provided by our teams, and the commitment to process improvement and outcomes for stroke patients.

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Bronson Cancer Center - Battle Creek Participates In Relay For Life

Kudos to Jenny Thompson, MA, who coordinated Bronson's participation in this annual event! Read about Jenny's efforts.

Photos of Team Bronson at the 2022 Relay For Life event.

Bronson ED Nurse Uses Art to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Shout out to Andrea Barrows, nurse manager in the Bronson Methodist Hospital ED! Andrea recently competed in the West Michigan Chalk Art Festival, taking home first place in the Health and Wellness category!

Andrea shares “I’m happy with how my piece turned out. I was a little nervous since this was my first time doing sidewalk chart art. As an added bonus…I even won the award for Best Use of Wellness Theme! The best part of the weekend was hearing the comments from the onlookers. Many thanked me for doing a piece that supports mental health awareness. One teen even stopped and said, 'I really needed to see and read that today. Thank you.'”

Within the walls of Bronson, Andrea uses her talents to illustrate processes and other teaching moments for staff, as well as spread joy and boost morale! Read more about Andrea and her artwork here.

Photo of nurse, Andrea Borrows, competing in the 2022 West Michigan Chalk Art Festival.

Nurses Present Presentation at Epic Michigan User Group Conference

On June 1, our Nursing Research Project Team (Donna Moyer, PhD, RN PCNS-BC, Gail Mercer, MSN, RN-BC, and Mackenzie Lewis, BSN, RN) delivered a podium presentation titled Using Data to Guide Safer Care: Aspiration Prevention with Predictive Model. Mackenzie, a staff/charge nurse on the BMH neurovascular unit, described in her portion of the presentation how she uses clinical decision support in the EHR to provide safe patient care. Congratulations, team!

Photos of three Bronson nurses presenting a research project at an EPIC event.

Bronson Is Featured in an Article From EpicShare

Photo of Glyn Arnold, nurse super preceptor, showing new nurse Sophia Monroe how to use Epic for documenting patient information.

Over the past few years, Clinical Informatics, Nursing Professional Practice and Education Services have partnered together in an effort to improve nurse mentorship and nurse retention. EpicShare recently recognized us for our documentation preceptor process. The story highlights the importance of supporting new nurses as well as continuous ​learning, growth and innovation.

Shout out to Jacqulynn Maher (Professional Practice), Gail Mercer (Clinical Informatics), Jennifer Carpenter (Ed Services) and the rest of the team who have helped support the team with this new, innovative training opportunity!

Read the story here.

Bronson South Haven Nurses Share Why They Chose Careers in Nursing

  • Angela Sweet (General Care Unit)
    “I decided to become a nurse when I was in college taking classes to become a teacher. My mom always told me I would be a great nurse, but I did not want to do what my mom was saying until I realized that teaching was not for me and I decided I should try nursing. As a kid I always helped other kids. Like, when I played softball, I was the one to run up and help teammates that skinned their knees from sliding. I also assisted in caring for my grandma when she was sick. I still to this day always enjoy the more critical patients.”
  • Amy Flessner (Case Manager)
    “As a child I watched the Patch Adams movie and wanted to be a peds oncology nurse with the big red nose like Robin Williams.”
  • Dot Krohn (General Care Unit)
    “After my dad passed away I always wanted to help and care for others.”

What Makes Your Teammates Bronson Proud?

Check out the stories and videos below to learn what makes your fellow Bronson nurses proud to be a part of Bronson. Do you have a story to share? We want to hear it!

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Photo of Rebecca, a Bronson C.N.A.

"I am so proud to be a part of this organization!"

Rebecca started her healthcare career at Bronson LakeView Hospital (long before it was a part of the Bronson Healthcare System). After leaving the hospital and spending several years at other healthcare facilities, she found her way back to Bronson. "I truly love working for Bronson. It feels like home to me.

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Photo of Valerie, a Bronson nurse

"I am thankful to be a Bronson employee."

As one of the 2022 Margaret H. Varney Nursing Scholarship Endowment recipients, Valerie has received funds to help in her pursuit of a Master’s of Nursing degree. "This scholarship has reduced my stress level tremendously!"

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Photo of Sarah, a Bronson Nurse

"A culture of raising the bar and professional growth."

Sarah has been a Bronson nurse for more than 15 years - starting in the BMH ED, and now working as a Patient Safety and Quality Coordinator for Bronson South Haven Hospital. "I am very proud to be a part of the Bronson family!"

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"COVID has been rough, but we got through it together."
Hear why sisters Beth and Joann are proud to be Bronson nurses."
"Bronson is my home."
Listen to why PACU nurse Wendy loves being a nurse, and hear her advice to other nurses, as we work through the ongoing challenges and stresses of COVID-19.
"They are some of the most resilient nurses I have worked with."
Listen as nurse manager Corrie sends kudos and appreciation to her perioperative team members."
  • Photo with nursing-related infographics

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