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The professional virtues of Susan Swank are many. She is extremely competent and knowledgeable. She knows nursing medicine and people. She easily deals with patient problems with grace and assertiveness. She is sincere and for the right. These virtues were demonstrated with me when I initially began my cancer care treatment and later as it progressed. Many other patient s benefited by her interactions and help, I witnessed and have heard about these on several occasions. She deserves much praise and thanks for her good work.

Rod Swank

I was given great care. I started with a colonoscopy at the Bronson Center for Colon and Rectal Diseases with Dr. Karamchandani. It was by far the best colonoscopy procedure experience that I have had. (I have had many in my life.) I found out that I had a recurrence of my colon cancer and rectal cancer. Dr. Karamchandani sent me to the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Center to set up an appointment with an oncologist.

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I was only 23 when diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer which traveled to 20 lymph nodes in my left arm pit. I then had chemo at two different places. I had my bilateral mastectomy in Chicago. I had radiation at Bronson in Battle Creek,MI. My Doctor is Dr. Mudge. Dr. Mudge is a great man!

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Rebecca DeLoof

Rebecca DeLoof is one tough lady. Over the past two years she has faced numerous health issues, learned to live with a debilitating disease and survived a tornado that nearly destroyed her house. Through all of her trials Rebecca never gave up. That’s why she turned to the cancer experts at Bronson Battle Creek when she needed answers about her health.

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Norm Anderson

As a retired surgical nurse, Bev Anderson knew that the treatment for her husband Norman’s colon cancer would involve many different doctors. What she didn’t expect was fast, seamless referrals and communication among all the care providers – coordinated by Bronson’s Oncology Nurse Navigator Service.


Debbie Bach

Debbie Bach was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2010 and immediately started an aggressive treatment plan. With so many life-changing decisions and appointments happening so quickly, Debbie says Jill, her patient navigator from the Bronson Center for Women, has been a lifesaver for her entire family.

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James Dean

After James "Jim" Dean was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his doctor recommended robotic-assisted surgery as a treatment option. Jim's surgery took four hours. He was home in two days. And, six days later, he attended an open house at Bronson to see the da Vinci® Surgical System.

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Dan Ebenhoeh

For Dan Ebenhoeh, volunteering for the American Cancer Society Resource Center at Bronson was an easy decision. After having surgery to remove a brain tumor, Dan now gets to share his story with other cancer patients and encourage them on their journey.

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John McCraney

John McCraney did not expect to be diagnosed with cancer at his age. He and his family are grateful for Bronson's Oncology Nurse Navigator Service. John says having someone always there for you is "priceless" and he recommends the service to anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

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Betty Phillips

It’s easier to say nice things about a hospital stay when it lasts only a day or two. But when your stay is unexpected, nine days long, and comes at the end of an aggressive course of cancer treatment, compliments might come less easily. Still, Betty Phillips has wonderful things to say about her care from the nurses on Bronson’s General Medical (oncology) Unit.

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Betty Stallard

Betty Stallard was shocked to learn her mammogram found a lump that needed evaluation. Fortunately for Betty, she didn't have to go through the process alone. She had a patient navigator from the Bronson Center for Women to help her.

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