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When five-year-old, Bailey Bennet began complaining of headaches, his parents knew something was wrong. Their greatest fears became reality when an MRI revealed a malignant tumor in his brain.

Bennet Bailey

Fortunately, the surgeons at Bronson Children’s Hospital successfully removed the walnut-sized mass on the following day. Treating kids like Bailey requires surgeons that are trained and experienced with children’s anatomy. 

Bronson Children’s Hospital is a place where whimsical wall murals, special toys and scavenger hunts bring normalcy to pint-sized patients and their families when they need it most. Staff are trained to reduce fear and anxiety, which has measurable clinical outcomes.

Before Bailey’s first IV, the Child Life Specialist used special teaching tools to help him know what to expect. “They gave him a stuffed animal who had an IV, too, and an iPad with games on it. It went so smooth because of that game,” exclaimed Stefanie! “They made us really comfortable with everything.”

The night before Bailey’s procedure, Bronson staff read him a book about another girl who had surgery, too, Stefanie recalled. “And when the little girl woke up from her special medicine, she was with mommy and daddy again. It was kind of awesome how they did that, because it helped him a lot to understand how something was making him sick, and why we have to go in there and get it out.”

He recently celebrated his sixth birthday surrounded by his friends and family. “Bailey’s been so strong through this, and we’re doing great. You don’t realize how valuable a children’s hospital is until you need it. We’re hoping one day, after my son is well, we can give back to them for being so amazing!” 

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