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Geoff, Battle Creek patient

Effective, efficient, personal - I was greatly relieved when I needed them in an emergency.

Rachel Steimla

Rachel, her son and her uncle were driving to the store when another vehicle crossed two lanes of traffic right into their car. Rachel was in the passenger seat and took a direct hit. Even with the dash of her car closed in on her legs and the windshield shattered, she was able to hand her phone to her son to call 911. When the Life EMS ambulance arrived, she insisted she and her son be taken to Bronson Methodist Hospital’s Level I Trauma Center. While Rachel was in the ambulance, she could feel her legs but couldn’t move them. Her friends and family worried she might not survive. The first responders called ahead to the hospital and activated the trauma team that ended up saving her life.

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I just wanted to extend a compliment about the nurses and PA who participated in my dad’s care this morning in the [Bronson Battle Creek] ER. They were wonderful. The nurse when we arrived in triage (I did not catch her name), the PA and the nurse at discharge, Stephanie, were especially good. Stephanie even brought a smile to my dad’s face, which in the hospital environment doesn’t come easy. Fortunately he is fine. Many thanks.

Lois Lewis

On April fools day 2015, we sat in our livingroom watching a movie trying to get our two year old to fall asleep…My husband started having a seizure… two bad seizures back to back…. last about 2 minutes apiece. The first to arrive was the firemen, I have three young children.. one fireman took my children and played with them as i answered questions and they tried to get my husband to come around. The EMT team promptly got him moved over to Bronson Battle Creek. Read Lois's story.

Stevie Lynn

I want to thank the [Bronson Battle Creek] ER staff and doctors that took care of me yesterday... I was seen quickly... and the doctor took the time to gain the information about what was going on with me before he even came into my room. I was highly impressed that he was able to tell me about all of my recent trips to the ER instead of trying to make me explain everything. I was also very impressed with the anesthesiologist that came to see me because She too had taken the time to look up my information and understand what was going on!!! All the nurses that took my vitals and gave me the iv were very friendly and nice. And not to mention fast!! Great job Bronson Battle Creek. Big thanks for me!!


3rd times a charm i guess! Lol came back to [Bronson Battle Creek] ER for the 3rd time with kidney stone pain. This time they admitted me and did a Ureteroscopy and removed it. Thank you to all my nurses on 4th/5th floor for taking such great care of me: Bethany, Kelly, Cassadra, Kayla, Kisha,Dawn and 2 other PCA whose names i cant recall(my apologies). And to all of the doctors, pastoral staff, case workers, and Dr. Brewton. Wonderful care. You kept me very comfortable. Hope i wasnt too much of a bother. Thank you for all you did and continue to do. smile emoticon thank you Dr. Goldberg for admitting me and getting the help i needed.


Thank you! Came to [Bronson Battle Creek] emergency room with kidney pain. Got me right in to triage and into a room. The staff was very nice. Once getting to my room I was quickly assessed. I have stubborn veins and is always a very bad experience. But not today! They were able to draw blood and get in an IV line in just minutes! I can't thank nurse Stephanie for taking such great care of me. Very nice and her bedside manner was wonderful. My needs were tended to quickly. Thank you to my doctors over seeing my care. The best.

ED Patient

I have been coming to [Bronson Battle Creek] for 33 yrs and I've gotten the best treatment and service I've ever had. You have some amazing staff now, and Battle Creek is blessed you are very prompt and get to the patients very quickly. Thank again - very friendly and help keep you comfortable.


The Otsego student enjoys playing basketball two years after being treated at Bronson Methodist Hospital's regional Burn Center for severe burns on 40 percent of his body.

Read the story on mLive.

ED patient

These girls went out of their way to help me. I was so scared and in so much pain. They held my hand, stayed with me while having some testing. Very professional but personable and able to adapt to me and my feelings. [Bronson Methodist Hospital Emergency Department]

Tiffany Dunakin

My 2 year old and I were recently patients at [Battle Creek Outpatient Center] Beckley Road Urgent Care. I cannot begin to express how kind, compassionate & thorough our treatment was.

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Patti Raver

For the second time in 2 months, my family ended up in Bronson ER. For the second time in two months, we were treated wonderfully and given great care. Bronson is awesome!

ED patient

She [ED nurse] was very attentive to me - answered all of my questions and spent time with me just talking - it helped me relax. This is not 'just a job' to her. [Bronson Methodist Hospital Emergency Department]


Thank you to the staff [at Battle Creek Outpatient Center - Beckley Road Urgent Care] for their warm, relaxed care which made the whole event easy to get thru and I must say, almost enjoyable.

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Snowmobile trauma

The road to recovery looked long and doubtful during the beginning of his admission [Bronson Trauma & Emergency Center]. This is when we met Kristen. She was so caring, knowledgeable, compassionate, and a true advocate for my brother, when he couldn't be for himself.

Read a trauma patient's sister thank his nurse.


I was recently in the ER and Valerie French, Sharon Rigby, and Ryan Seim were outstanding very caring and made me feel comfortable kudos to them for staying friendly in such a stressful situation.

Mary Cay Clare

I was sent to the ER w/ my 12 year old son for severe flu. The ER was overcrowded and very busy but you didn't lose sight of Kevin. You treated him for Ecoli and kept a sharp eye even though you were very busy. He's on the mend and playing x box. It seems too small but its all I have THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Roland Johnson

My mother was seen in ER on Wednesday 7JAN15 in ER for a potentially life threatening condition. The efforts to determine her status took several hours, and was stressful on her. When she left the ER room she unknowingly left her bifocals in the bedding...However [staff] that took care of my mother located the bedding that my mother used, and somehow found the glasses in the bedding and returned them to me. Read more.

Kelli Jahns

Thank you to Bronson ER staff for providing such great care for my 16 month old on Christmas Day. It's the last place any of us want to be on the Holiday. We are thankful for such efficient and caring staff, especially when dealing with a baby!

Alec Williams

I had a minor heart attack a few days, and the doctor that I had was one of the most professional, understanding, and intelligent individuals I've ever met. He did whatever he could to explain to me what happened, why it happened, and what I needed to do next. This was my first experience being a patient in an ER. Glad it was a positive experience.

Kacy Sullivan

My story happened in 1998. My sweet 6 week old daughter Alyssa was brought into the ER with trouble breathing. She had been seen the night before at Pipp in Plainwell and was given a cough syrup with codeine to help her. When she didn't improve I brought her to Bronson...you saved her life. And I am forever grateful for that.

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Carrie took care of my mother during two of the scariest days of her stay at Bronson. Our entire family felt that she became one of us. Not only did she give the best care I've ever seen to my mom - paying attention to every last detail to make sure that not only was she on track medically, but that her comfort level was top notch. Read more.

Jim Camp

Kristin was an exceptional professional while still showing a human compassion to use as a family while our son Andrew was in the trauma unit with a brain injury. It is a rare combination to have the expertise and bedside manner that makes her a special medical professional. She answered all of our questions during the 3 weeks we were there, was on top of all the treatments, and was very involved with the doctors on decisions made for Andrew's care.

Candy Penn

I wanted to say how much I appreciated the comfort measures that Emily gave my nephew in the emergency room last night. It was a stressful time for all of us and she did a great job of staying focused on my nephew and his medical needs while ignoring my noisy sister who was very upset and loud. It was the first positive experience I have had at that hospital. I am now willing to believe there is a place for real care in Battle Creek now that its hospital is a part of Bronson. Thank you and bless you Emily and co-workers for your care. I am a strong Borgess supporter and love knowing there is hope for those who can’t get to Kalamazoo.

Becky & Madi Mulder

"My 3 y/o daughter broke her arm falling off the monkey bars. The people at Vicksburg Bronson ER were fabulous with her. Karen the R.T.R was especially tender when getting her X-ray. I was really appreciative and thankful for their tenderness toward my daughter and myself. Thanks for making an awful situation much more bearable."

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Pam Enright

"Absolutely a great Hospital [Bronson LakeView Hospital].... I am an ER RN in Chicago and cannot say enough how efficient, professional, and impressed I am after a visit there at 3am!!! Dr. Ford and staff, thank you!"

Kelly Christiansen

"My daughter had to have x-rays on her arm due to a painful bicycle fall. We went to Bronson Vicksburg Hospital and were very happy with our experience. The x-ray tech, Karen, was wonderful with my daughter, explaining everything about how to position her arm and where the machine would take the picture. She explained everything, answered questions and was great with my kids!"

Kimberly Hybels

"While I have been a nurse at Bronson for many years, it is not until you are in the vulnerable state of being a helpless family member that you can truely appreciate just what we do here at Bronson. My father-in law nearly lost his thumb in June and although his insurance dictates he is supposed to utilize another establishment he always choses Bronson as the quality is uncomparable."

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Aaron McElrath

I came into the emergency room this weekend with severe back pain. I just wanted to applaud the entire staff I encountered. Everyone’s bed side manner was great. They were calming and informative.

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Rita Cox

"As a Bronson employee, I thought I understood what Positivity meant, but after having an experience this past weekend as the family member of a patient, I truly understand and appreciate the meaning... To Megan, the Emergency Room is no longer a scary place where sick people go, but rather is a place where friendly, caring people take care of your cuts and make everything better. Thank you!"

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Ginger Martin-Foster

"Excellent experience today in the ER! Many thanks to Dr. Lendzion and Nurse Amy for such prompt, polite, and professional care!"

Lucy Peterson

"I would have never thought that a trip to the ER would have resulted in both restoration of health plus the gift of relational connection as well. I say thank you Kim for you hugs, care and professionalism ...and thank you Bronson."

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Ashley Wright

"[Nurse Myers] was in good spirits and made the unexpected visit to the ER tolerable instead of the worst thing in the world."

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Michelle Wilson

"Courtney was very intuitive and not only supported my daughter but helped reassure me as a mother. She validated my feelings and gave my daughter top notch care."

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Tracey Day

"We were scared as our daughter was being seen for her second sports related concussion. This kind and caring man made us feel as if she were his only patient."

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Sally Newman MacPhee

"I'd like to say how great we were treated at Bronson-Battle Creek yesterday! I'm not usually one to visit the ER and I've heard terrible stories as to how horrible it is. Well not yesterday! The staff, nurses, and doctors were all awesome!!! Good job Battle Creek!!"

Sandra Cooper

"I also want to give Bronson Battle Creek a huge thank you for all the kind care that I received back in January. You're a wonderful hospital with kind and caring doctors and nurses. Thank you so much!"

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"I was very pleased and grateful for the speedy, professional, and exceptional care my son received through the ED."

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Linda Butters

"During my recent ER visit [at Bronson Battle Creek], I was met by and cared for by a most wonderful nurse. Her name was Bonnie. From the moment she met me she took control over my health as well as my mental well-being. I was suffering from asthma problems causes by environmental factors, along with symptoms related to hyperventilation. Bonnie was calm, soothing, pleasant, caring, educational, understanding and very intelligent. She treated me with dignity and helped to keep me focused so I could recover more quickly."

Jonathon Briskie

"When she's in the room [at the Bronson Battle Creek Emergency Department], she had great bedside manners. I feel she really cares. She listens to everything I had to say. And was never rude or not polite. She deserves an award for her care and dedication for her patients. She is an amazing nurse who shows extra special care. Thank you! And what a great hospital."


Talia Champlin

After a horseback riding injury, Battle Creek resident Talia Champlin wanted an emergency department that offered short wait times and exceptional medical care. Without hesitation, she chose the Emergency Department at Bronson Battle Creek and was pleased by the positive experience.

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Ami Pishlo

"Thank you for saving my husband's life!"

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"Kudos to the entire staff at Bronson Methodist Hospital [Emergency Department]."

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Andrew Ferrier

Andrew Ferrier hit the back of a semi at 70 miles per hour. Ferrier was flown to Bronson’s Level I Trauma Center. For more than three weeks, Ferrier’s family waited and wondered -- would he survive and if he did, how well would his brain function?

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