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Mary Pawling

I have a strong family history for sudden cardiac death, father age 58 and brother age 40. The experience with my Heart Scan at Bronson wen smoothly and easily. I would highly recommend having the hear scan done its noninvasive and painless if you are at all concerned about CAD.

Roy Kidney

Roy has always loved to golf but as his heart condition got worse, he couldn't do much of anything anymore. Fortunately for me, the doctors at Bronson helped change all that. They told me about a new heart surgery called TAVR that could actually give me my life back. And that’s exactly what happened.

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Ed Annen

It was in August when Ed Annen, former Kalamazoo mayor, first felt a dull ache in his arm and chest and began sweating. Soon after arriving at Bronson, Annen was diagnosed with a completely blocked artery and had a stent put in.

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Maggie Bullard-Marshall

It was an ordinary Saturday for Maggie Bullard-Marshall until she found out her mom was having chest pain.  After having a series of tests at Bronson's Chest Pain Emergency Center, a heart attack was ruled out.

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John Cwalina

John Cwalina had not seen a doctor in more than 20 years when he began having trouble breathing. 

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Ronald Dundon

Ronald Dundon had a sudden cardiac arrest. The attending emergency team's use of CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) saved him. 

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Carrie Kotecki

Carrie Kotecki

When Carrie Kotecki found out her father was having chest pain, she made sure he went to Bronson's Chest Pain Emergency Center. Shortly after his arrival, her father was diagnosed with a severely blocked artery and a stent was immediately put in place.

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Vince Long

Vince Long and his wife were visiting Kalamazoo for a conference. On Sunday morning, Vince woke with what he thought was a bad case of indigestion. Long was having a heart attack.  

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Deb Lyons

Shortly after arriving to Bronson's Chest Pain Emergency Center, tests revealed that Deb Lyons' father had three blocked arteries. Within 24 hours, he was recovering from open-heart surgery.

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Chuck Ritter

When Chuck came to Bronson for a heart scan, he had no symptoms, no problems, and expected to receive a clean bill of health. Eleven days later, Chuck had five bypasses and spent five days in the hospital. 

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Sarah Thurston

Sarah Thurston

When Sarah's husband was dizzy and experiencing chest pain, she thought the worst. Shortly after his arrival at Bronson's Chest Pain Emergency Center, her husband underwent several tests and a heart catheterization. 

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Edo Weits

Edo Weits

Edo Weits, EdD doesn’t just believe in living a healthy lifestyle, he is an academic expert on the subject. He has always been dedicated to daily exercise, a heart-healthy diet and regular checkups. That’s why Dr. Weits was shocked when he began to have heart problems in July 2010 that led to open heart surgery.

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