Carrie Kotecki's Story - Bronson Healthcare
"Call it inside information, but I knew Bronson was the best place to care for my dad's heart"

Carrie Kotecki

Carrie Kotecki, RN, director of Emergency Services at Bronson, has been with the hospital since 1977, so she has a good understanding of Bronson's quality of care. That's why when her father Garry Vandenberg, 70, of Delton started experiencing severe chest pain, Carrie was relieved he chose Bronson.

"It's different when you walk through the doors of the Emergency Department as a family member versus as an employee," Carrie stated. "I wasn't even thinking about my role in the ED as a nurse. I was simply scared for my dad's health."

While Carrie worried about her dad, she knew Bronson's Chest Pain Emergency Center offered immediate access to the most advanced heart diagnostic technology and care from a specially trained team of experts.

Shortly after his arrival, Garry was diagnosed with a severely blocked artery. A stent was inserted immediately to open the artery. Until this time, Garry was a healthy, active person who enjoyed sporting activities and hard work throughout his career as a mechanical engineer.

"I had a complete physical exam with my primary care doctor about six weeks before I experienced the chest pain, and everything seemed to be good" Garry explained. "With my overall good health and fitness, I was as surprised as anyone to learn I had a severely blocked artery."

Garry says he felt less nervous about this treatment because his daughter knows Bronson had an ED just for chest pain. "Since Carrie worked at Bronson for so many years, I figured she would want her dad treated there," Garry says. "She has faith in the staff and care at Bronson. I knew I had the best medical treatment available and left the rest in God's hands."

The stent effectively opened the blocked artery, and no other procedures were necessary. At 70 and retired, he still works part-time for "fun" with his son, helping roof buildings with steel.

Both Carrie and Garry agree that Garry's outcome could have been much different if he hadn't recognized the symptoms early and taken immediate action by coming to Bronson's Chest Pain Emergency Center.

"With his active lifestyle and healthy heart, my dad is probably in better shape than I am," Carrie exclaimed.

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