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"I've seen the team in action, so I wasn't surprised by how fast they diagnosed my dad's chest pain"

Deb Lyons

Ron Schittenhelm had been experiencing shortness of breath and mild chest pain off and on for several weeks. However, on this particular day early in January 2008, he was having a difficult time breathing so he called his daughter, Deb Lyons, a nurse in Bronson's cardiac catheterization lab. "I had arranged for Dr. Pawlik, a cardiologist, to see my dad later in the week for a stress test," said Deb. "But I felt he needed to be seen sooner so I told him to go to Bronson's ER," continued Deb.

"I chose Bronson because I trusted Debbie and I knew I would get the best care at Bronson," reflected Ron.

Within 15 minutes of arriving, Ron had a full assessment, labs drawn, an EKG and was on his way to have a heart catheterization, which revealed three of his arteries were almost completely blocked.

"I was shocked he had three blocked arteries especially with only mild chest pain as a symptom," said Deb. "It just goes to show pain isn't the only symptom of heart problems and that everyone's pain is different."

Dr. Michael Halpin, a cardiothoracic (heart) surgeon, successfully performed Ron's triple bypass surgery. Ron spent nine days recovering at Bronson.

"My hospital stay was as good as can be given the circumstances. The nurses came immediately when I rang my call button, and everyone was helpful, polite, and professional," commented Ron.

Ron spent a month in cardiac rehab closer to home and sees Dr. Pawlik regularly for follow up care. He is doing well and has made some lifestyle changes. "I have tried to eliminate fatty foods to help manage my cholesterol," he explained.

Looking back on the whole experience Deb said, "I am a Bronson girl and I only wanted the best for my dad. He got it."

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