Maggie Bullard-Marshall's Story - Bronson Healthcare
"I was very confident my mom would get the best care"

Maggie Bullard-Marshall

When Belinda Bullard felt a dull ache in her chest and numbness in her fingers, she didn't think twice about what to do-she drove directly to the Bronson Trauma and Emergency Center. Belinda chose Bronson because she knew she would receive treatment right away for chest pain. "I was being whisked away in a wheelchair before I even had my insurance card out of my purse," recounted Belinda.

When she arrived at Bronson she told the staff her symptoms and was quickly taken to the Chest Pain Emergency Center for diagnosis. "I was in total amazement at how fast they worked. I was having my blood pressure taken, blood drawn, and being wired for an EKG all so fast," remembered Belinda.

Belinda's daughter, Maggie Bullard-Marshall, public relations specialist at Bronson, was reassured with her mom at Bronson. "Because of my work with patient safety and quality initiatives I was very confident in the staff and processes in place to ensure my mom would get the best care," explained Maggie. "I know the high standard of care Bronson has and knew what to expect," continued Maggie.

In addition to excellent medical care, Belinda and Maggie credit other factors for a positive experience. "Having a private room and being able to order food from a menu when we were hungry were a big plus and made us more comfortable," shared Maggie. "Having a stress test done while I was there instead of coming back after I was discharged was very convenient," added Belinda. "I figured the doctors would want to have everything looked at while I was there so I asked my husband to bring my tennis shoes for the stress test."

The results of an EKG, stress test, blood work and continuous monitoring, revealed stress and anxiety, not her heart, were the source of Belinda's symptoms.

Belinda has not experienced any chest pain since her visit in the spring of 2007. However, that hasn't stopped her from visiting Bronson. She felt so compelled by her encounters that she joined the Bronson Family Advisory Council - a group of community members and staff that help make decisions that affect patient care and family experiences. "I want to be part of making a great organization even better," reflected Belinda.

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