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Thorough examination in the Chest Pain Emergency Center found his cancer

Sarah Thurston

Steve Thurston couldn't ignore the chest pain and pressure, as well as the dizziness he was experiencing at work so he called his wife Sarah to let her know he was going to the Bronson Chest Pain Emergency Center. "I chose Bronson because it is the number one heart place and patient place," said Steve. "And I knew I'd be seen quickly," he added.

Sarah, who works in the Health Information Department at Bronson, was waiting for him in the . "He was immediately taken for testing and seen by a physician," explained Sarah.

Steve had been seen at Bronson a few weeks before with the same symptoms. But all tests had ruled out a heart attack. Because of his heart history, the doctor decided to do a CT scan of his chest to check for a dissected aorta. The test revealed his heart was fine but it found something neither Steve nor the doctor expected.

"My jaw dropped when the doctor told me my heart was fine but I had a mass on my right kidney," recalled Steve.

After ordering an additional scan of Steve's kidney, the urologist diagnosed him with kidney cancer. "Sarah and I were in shock but we were grateful it had been caught so early-before the mass had gotten too big," Steve said.

A part of Steve's kidney was removed and after two months of recovery and monitoring he was back at work.

Steve is doing well and is now considered cancer-free. "I sometimes get tired but no longer experience chest pain or other symptoms," commented Steve.

Sarah truly feels the chest pain was a blessing because without it the cancer may not have been found. "The thorough examination in the Chest Pain Emergency Center is why they found the mass on Steve's kidney," Sarah said. "It could have been much worse. He could have had his entire kidney removed and our life would be so different. I'm grateful it turned out the way it did," Sarah reflected.

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