Neurosciences Patient Stories

Debra Burke
When hospice nurse Debra Burke kept dropping her cell phone as she talked to a colleague, she didn't think "stroke." A few hours later, Bronson's stroke team was retreiving a massive blood clot with a new device that saved her life. 

What started as a trip to buy new eyeglasses led to one of medicine’s scariest diagnoses for Laurel Rosebush. Her journey took her to the Bronson Methodist Hospital, where minimally invasive surgery and new technology saved her life.

Kindergarten teacher, Marta Gagie, experienced a sudden and terrible headache that almost took her life. Discover how Bronson Neuroscience Center's team of experts quickly identified and treated her rare brain aneurysm, and watch Marta and her and her family tell her remarkable story of rescue and recovery. 
No one watching Patrick Kimble swing golf clubs last February would have ever guessed that just six weeks prior, a stroke had rendered him paralyzed.
In May 2009, David Dameron noticed a tremor in his right arm. At first, he assumed it was from stress. He knew something was wrong when the tremors got worse. Dameron was shocked when a doctor revealed his diagnosis of stage one Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. It develops gradually, often starting with a barely noticeable tremor in one hand and eventually causing slowing or freezing of body movement.
Even at age 70, Wellington Dunn showed no signs of slowing down.  He stays active and fit by tending to his goats and cattle and tilling his own soil for farm fresh vegetables. However, not all the fresh air and exercise were able to prevent a brain aneurysm from threatening his life.

Michael Marshburn had been feeling tremors in his right hand and leg for some time. When he explained the symptoms to his doctor, his doctor referred him to the Bronson Neuroscience Center.

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