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Bobbe Orr Dancing

Bobbe Orr

It takes a lot to slow down Bobbe Orr. One day you might find her on the dance floor, while the next she is waving the starting flag at a local racetrack. After years of living an extreme, on-the-go lifestyle, Bobbe found herself in need of a double knee replacement. After a lot of research, Bobbe found Dr. Joseph Burkhardt of Bronson Orthopedic Specialists. Dr. Burkhardt was the only doctor with the expertise she required and ability to fix both knees at the same time. Thanks to Dr. Burkhardt, the team at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists and her physical therapist, Bobbe was back on the dance floor just a few months after her surgery. And after just a year, she was back to the active lifestyle she loves.

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Dr. Morren and Ron Winter hold an NFL football

Ron Winter

As an NFL and Big 10 official, Ron Winter spent most of his life running up and down football fields. "Physical activity is essential in my life, and it got to the point I wasn't going to be able to do some of the things I wanted to do," explains Ron. When Dr. Robert Morren of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Sports Medicine suggested he undergo surgery on both knees, Ron knew it was his only option at getting back to the life he wanted to live. With Dr. Morren's experienced surgery skills and the encouragement of Bronson's rehab team, Ron got back to his active lifestyle quickly. "I'm looking forward to more gold and chasing our new granddaughter around."

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Don and Janet Volk standing after their surgeries

Don and Jan Volk

Thanks to the care they received from Drs. Jeffery King, MD, Bernard Roehr, MD, and Mark Sytsma, MD, Don and Jan Volk are back to living their lives and feeling better than ever. Residents of Lansing Michigan, Don and Jan have made the more than one-hour trip to Kalamazoo to undergo several surgeries at Bronson Methodist Hospital because of of the exceptional care and personal touch that they received. "I didn't meet one person at Bronson that I would consider average, they were all A's," says Don.

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Cooper Roggelien shakes Dr. Highhouse's hand

Casey Roggelien

At just 3-years-old, Cooper Roggelien understands what an impact a doctor can make. After Cooper's dad, Casey Roggelien, had rotator cuff surgery performed by Dr. Ken Highhouse of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Sports Medicine, Cooper wanted to shake the hand of the doctor who "fixed daddy's arm".

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Beth Howard

Beth Howard

Beth Howard has lived with scoliosis her whole life. As she got older, the chronic pain in her back made completing daily activities very difficult. Thanks to a referral from her friend, Beth met Michael Kasten, MD, of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Spine & Scoliosis Specialists. Dr. Kasten performed surgery on Beth's back and inserted rods to straighten her spine. After a full recovery, Beth is feeling better than ever and has more confidence in every aspect of her life.

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Rachel Steimla

Rachel Steimla was in a car accident that broke her toes, feet, left leg, both sides of her pelvis, four ribs, left hand, fingers, wrist and arm. Orthopedic surgeons Robert Gorman III, MD, and Jason Roberts, MD, of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedic Trauma, Foot & Ankle Specialists, and hand surgeon Amy Woznick, MD, FACS, of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Hand & Elbow Specialists, worked in collaboration with the trauma team to help Rachel not only live, but walk again and return to life with her husband and son.

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Jamie Kavanaugh

Jamie Kavanaugh

Jamie Kavanaugh could not stand the ‘pop, crunch, crunch’ in his hip. After researching hip replacements, he learned that Dr. David Christ, Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists, performed the anterior hip replacement that Jamie wanted right in Kalamazoo at Bronson Methodist Hospital. After surgery, Jamie was back to his life in no time!

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Carol Sjoguist

Carol Sjoquist ignored her "nasty" hip pain so she could help plan her daughter's wedding. But when the pain became too much to bear, she turned to Dr. Steven Kokmeyer at Bronson HealthCare Midwest Sports Medicine to have both hips replaced. With one down and one to go, Carol says, "I feel phenomenal."

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Tom Lantzy

Tom Lantzy's love for baseball was interrupted by a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow. "Not playing ball was not an option," said Tom, so he came to Bronson. Mark Sytsma, MD, Bronson HealthCare Midwest Sports Medicine reconstructed Tom's elbow. Now, he is back in the game and attending college on a baseball scholarship.

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Kathy Katz-McConnville

Kathy Katz-McConville was experiencing a lot of hip pain and it was affecting her love to walk. She knew that something had to be done when it got to the point that she couldn’t even move because the pain was so bad. That is when she contacted Dr. William Comai at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists.

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Stephanie Sampson

Stephanie Sampson is a busy working mother that always put the needs of her husband and six children first. She considered herself to be low a low priority and allowed her activity level to become a stalemate. However, her daughter Loren inspired her to make a positive change in her life. That is when she started running and when she really started to notice the pain in her right knee.

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Don Osterhout

Don Osterhout was having hip pain and knew it was time to get it replaced. He wanted the anterior hip replacement and thought he would have to travel out of town for the procedure. Then he discovered Dr. David Christ at Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists had been performing the anterior approach for more than three years. Now, Don is back to his life again.

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John Grap

John Grap has played lots of baseball, softball, basketball and football over the years. Save for a few falls, sprains, bruises and cuts, he never had any serious injuries. Five years ago a doctor told me, because of osteoarthritis, I would need a knee replacement in each leg. He was shocked and in denial. Late last year, he gave up the dream of a miracle cure, and on Dec. 3, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Burkhardt performed the surgery at Bronson Battle Creek.

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Dean Michael

Dean Michael’s day to day life was inhibited by a constant pain in his right hip. After speaking with a friend he decided to see Dr. David Christ at Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists. Immediately after his anterior hip replacement he could walk. Three weeks later he was back at work. Living pain free has given him a different outlook on life.

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Sue Ellen Belden

Sue Ellen Belden was tired of being in pain and health care providers not knowing what was wrong. Despite her discouragement, she took a friend's advice and decided to seek help one more time at Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists. With the help of Dr. James T. VanHuysen and Dr. David J. Christ, Sue Ellen was finally diagnosed with damage to her hip joints. Dr. Christ performed two anterior approach hip replacements.

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Carole Majka

Carole Majka suffered hip pain for two years before deciding something needed to be done. “I was tired of feeling older than my age getting into my car, having to grab my pant legs to get myself inside,” Carole said. She received a hip replacement by anterior approach, performed by Dr. David J. Christ of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists.

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Carol Haenicke

“As I was preparing to have hip surgery, I just knew I didn’t want to go right home and take care of myself. I did my research and chose to go to Bronson Commons after the surgery. It was the best decision I ever made!”

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Janet Smith

Janet Smith’s arthritis pain came on fast. The usually spritely, 75-year-old soon found herself walking with a painful gait and a cane. Her X-rays revealed that bone disintegration had shortened her right leg by three inches and her doctor recommended surgery. Although her pain was excruciating, Janet felt hopeful after meeting Orthopedic Surgeon Andre Oulai who performs his surgeries at Bronson Battle Creek.

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Ron Hanna

Ron Hanna is no stranger to hospitals. Chronic arthritis runs in his family. Over the years, he’s had surgeries at multiple hospitals to repair his left hip, spine and both knees. When the 77-year-old retiree needed his right hip replaced, all of his friends recommended Bronson Battle Creek.

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Dave Bunt

Dave Bunt is a personal trainer at the Bronson Athletic Club. When Dave tore his ACL in a basketball accident, he was worried that he would never be able to resume his daily activities. Bronson Orthopedics & Sports Medicine literally gave Dave another shot at playing basketball again.

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Nora Hardy

Every time Nora Hardy walked into a room, she looked for something to lean on. When the pain from standing became unbearable, Nora went to Bronson Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. After two hip replacements, Nora is back to work without the pain.

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Jane Reetz

Just six short weeks after total knee replacement surgery, Jane Reetz was walking on the beach in North Carolina. She was amazed by how quickly she had recovered from total knee replacement surgery and returned to her favorite activities. “I was able to take stairs to the beach without pain or the use of a cane. I was even able to play on the beach with my grandkids!”

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