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"I wasn't even conscious of all the things I had given up until after my surgery.” -Donald Osterhout

Don Osterhout had been suffering hip pain for years. It got to the point where Don needed relief and his primary care physician told him it was time to get hip replacement surgery. Don was interested in a new approach he had heard about called anterior hip replacement. Fortunately, when he called Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists he found out that Dr. David Christ, a specially-trained orthopedic surgeon, had been doing the procedure at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo for almost three years. He learned from Dr. Christ that anterior hip replacement involves a smaller surgical incision and less disruption of muscles near the hip joint. It also usually results in a less pain, a shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery.

"Dr. Christ gave me and my wife a lot of time," Don explained. "He was very careful, very precise and showed me exactly what had to be done and how he was going to do it." His family also praised the way Dr. Christ spoke to them immediately following Don's surgery.

Don appreciated the preparation he received for surgery including attending a comprehensive joint replacement class and using exercise videos to learn his post-surgery joint exercises and movement. He was pleased with the surgery itself and with the short stay in the hospital.  He said everybody he encountered at Bronson Methodist Hospital “did their job and did it right.”

Don needed to use a walker or cane to help him walk in just the first few weeks after surgery.  In only five weeks, he was back at the gym, every day, and enjoying two mile walks with his wife. "I wasn't even conscious of all the things I had given up until after my surgery. The pain was gone, my limp was gone...I can do the activities I enjoy and it doesn't hurt!" Don is happy to have his life back.

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Christ and Bronson. I would recommend the anterior hip procedure to anyone who wants to listen to me."

This video was shot at Ramona Park & Beach thanks to the kindness of the staff at the City of Portage

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