Jeanetta Fitzgerald's Story - Bronson Healthcare
When Jeanetta Fitzgerald moved to Battle Creek from Detroit, she had no idea that she would be expecting a new bundle of joy 37 weeks later.

Unfamiliar with the area’s healthcare services, she chose Dr. Mahmood Siddiqui with Bronson OB/GYN – Capital Ave when she found out she was pregnant. 

Her pregnancy was deemed high risk. Fortunately, as a Bronson patient, she had seamless access to the region’s only high-risk pregnancy service at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo. She had regular appointments with Dr. Siddiqui and the high-risk pregnancy specialists with Bronson Maternal-Fetal Medicine. From the beginning, she felt she was in good hands due to the level of care that she was receiving.

At 37 weeks gestation, Jeanetta experienced severe abdominal pain. She called Dr. Siddiqui for help. He told her to meet him at the Bronson Battle Creek Emergency Department. After a number of tests, Dr. Siddiqui reviewed Jeanetta’s ultrasound and quickly determined that her uterus was ruptured. Dr. Siddiqui performed an emergency C-section and delivered the baby right away. 

“I was immediately concerned for my baby and was very scared since my husband was out of town and my family lived on the other side of the state,” said Jeanetta. “A number of staff members stepped in and acted as my support system providing me with the comfort and reassurance that I so desperately needed.”

Jeanetta’s baby Bailey Rae was safely delivered. Dr. Siddiqui repaired Jeanetta’s uterine rupture and ordered a blood transfusion for her, since she experienced significant blood loss. 

When her husband John arrived, hospital staff thoroughly explained everything that happened from start to finish to bring him up to speed.  Every staff member they interacted with was professional, personable and reassuring to the new family.  Jeanetta and John knew the staff would be there for them through each step of the recovery process.

“Having a doctor and staff that actually listened to my concerns not only saved my life, but also saved the life of my beautiful daughter, Bailey Rae,” Jeanetta expressed. “I am eternally grateful.”

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