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Julius Kortvely

"On the day of the out patient surgery, my girlfriend Helen K. Jones Came with me so she could drive me home. Helen has a disability that requires her to have a service dog. Due to hospital rules the dog was not allowed in the pre op area. Hospital staff went out of their way by watching the dog for a couple minutes so Helen could see me before the procedure."

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"My entire hospital stay has been wonderful (except for the post op pain). The receptionist, the OR nurse who came and talked to me before the surgery, the anesthesiologist were all very nice, smiles on their faces and explained things at a level I understood. All of my floor nurses & PCA’s were fabulous."

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Rebecca Sackitt

Rebecca Sackitt of Battle Creek was in a lot of pain for about six months and was experiencing abnormal bleeding. So she decided to visit her primary care doctor to seek a solution. After assessing her symptoms, Rebecca’s doctor referred her to Dr. Mahmood Siddiqui of Bronson OB/GYN – Capital Ave who recommended she have a single-site total hysterectomy. With a limited time for healing, this procedure was a perfect fit for Rebecca and she was back to work before she knew it.

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Lisa Billmaier

When Lisa Billmaier of Athens began experiencing abnormal bleeding, her primary care physician knew something was seriously wrong and referred her to Dr. Mahmood Siddiqui of Bronson OB/GYN – Capital Ave who scheduled her for a Single-Site Laparoscopic Surgery. Three days after her minimally invasive hysterectomy procedure, Lisa was back to normal. And for that, she’s eternally grateful.

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Michele Kozminski

Michele Kozminski of Mattawan knew that her family had a history of cancer related to a hereditary gene mutation, BRCA-2, which puts women at a higher risk for ovarian and breast cancer. After learning from a genetic counselor that she was a carrier of the hereditary gene, it was important for Michele to take preventive action. That is when she was referred to robotic surgeon Anna Hoekstra, MD, at the West Michigan Cancer Center for a single-site total hysterectomy to remove her uterus and ovaries. Michelle made a quick recovery and now has the peace of mind that comes from knowing she no longer has to live in fear of ovarian, fallopian tube and uterine cancer.

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Cheryl Rogers

Cheryl Rogers had been experiencing fecal incontinence for several months. She didn't realize the severity of her condition until she felt a sharp, crippling pain in her side. Mahesh Karamchandani, MD, of Bronson Center for Colon & Rectal Diseases - Battle Creek had a solution. An InterStim sacral neuromodulation procedure helped Cheryl return to her normal activities. "I was just elated. I can’t believe how modern medicine has expanded.”

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Natalie Dean

Natalie Dean was hospitalized three times in three months. Being a single working mother, this was terribly difficult. The absence of her children left her feeling sad, alone and worrying about their safety. Luckily, her sorrows were relieved by one of Bronson’s Magnet Award winning nurses.

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Angela Castellani

Angela Castellani suffered from uterine prolapse since having her first son in 1988. After receiving a referral to Paul Berkowitz, MD, she decided to become the first person at Bronson to receive a total hysterectomy using the da Vinci® surgical system.

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Brian Cotton

In eight years since Brian Cotton’s first back surgery, technology advancements like Bronson’s O-arm® surgical imaging system have made spine surgery faster and recovery less painful. Bronson is the only hospital in southwest Michigan to offer surgeons this important tool.

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Sandy Morris

Just nine hours after her complete hysterectomy, Sandy Morris felt well enough to walk the halls at Bronson. And she went home the next day, thanks to her surgeon and Bronson’s daVinci® Surgical System.

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Anna Rose

Anna and her doctor tried many ways to regulate her menstrual cycles. A total hysterectomy with Bronson’s daVinci Surgical System® and a single pain pill took care of the problem.

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