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Cheryl Yonkers

Cheryl Yonkers made a New Year's Resolution to lose weight. She had struggled with weight her entire life. As a mother, she was disappointed that she could not participate in physical activities with her children. After having roux-en-y gastric bypass, Cheryl lost 187 pounds and feels she and her family have their lives back. 

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Nora Chaus

Nora Chaus, 60, had battled weight since her freshman year of college. After completing a self-directed weight loss program at Bronson, she has lost about 85 pounds.

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Josephine Fowler

Josephine Fowler

Josephine Fowler of Van Buren County cannot believe she’s training for a 60 mile walk next summer. This 27-year-old mother of twins used to have a hard time just walking up a flight of stairs. Not any more. She has lost more than 145 pounds thanks to the Bronson Bariatric Surgery Program.

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Susan Imanse

Susan Imanse has lost more than 100 pounds in the last 10 months thanks to bariatric surgery and major lifestyle changes. Susan credits Bronson’s Bariatric Pre-Surgery Program and the caring staff there for the changes she has finally been able to make after decades of struggling with her weight.

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Eric Phillips

When Eric Phillips decided to enter Bronson’s bariatric surgery program in January 2009, he was amazed at the support he received. Today, Eric says he feels like he did in high school ten years ago and his new lease on life helps him keep up with an active two-year-old.

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Dan and Julie Reisner

Julie's moment of truth came when she couldn't buckle the seatbelt around her waist while go-carting with her son and daughter. Dan was 5'9" and weighed 311 pounds. They both decided to have bariatric surgery.  After surgery, they've lost a combined weight of 266 pounds.

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Stacy Taft 

For years Stacy Taft was too scared to consider bariatric surgery. It seemed “too extreme.” Then she realized her health was in serious danger, and she needed an aggressive solution for her weight problem. When Stacy met the right doctor and learned she could have the procedure at Bronson her fear disappeared. Today she’s enjoying a full, healthy life, thanks to exercise and bariatric surgery.  

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Sheryl Walker

Sheryl Walker decided to lose weight for good when she was huffing and puffing going up the stairs to her third floor apartment.  Sheryl's doctor recommended the New LEAF Program.  After completing the 10-week program, she has lost 40 pounds and continues to lose weight.

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