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When Eric Phillips decided to enter Bronson's bariatric surgery program in January 2009, he was amazed at the support he received. Today, Eric says he feels like he did in high school ten years ago and his new lease on life helps him keep up with an active two-year-old.


Eric Philips has struggled with his weight since he was a child. While he lost some weight in high school, he gained it back and then some in college. His 20s resulted in more weight gain. “I didn’t even realize how low my quality of life had become,” said Eric. The birth of his daughter acted as a wake up call. “I knew I needed to do something to make sure I would be around for her,” Eric added.

Eric entered Bronson’s bariatric surgery program in January 2009. He completed the steps of the program, and on May 12, 2009, Alan A. Saber, MD, performed a sleeve gastrectomy operation. During this surgery a portion of the stomach is removed, leaving a section of stomach about the size and shape of a banana. The surgery limits the amount of food that can be eaten, and helps you feel full sooner. At his heaviest, Eric was 428 pounds. He has now lost 163 pounds and weighs in at 265.

When Eric decided to have the surgery, he was amazed at the support he received. “My wife was the one who initially brought it up. She opened my eyes to the fact that my daughter needed me to do it, and I needed to do it for myself,” Eric said. “What amazed me, was the support I received from my coworkers. I had so many people encouraging me.”

Eric also found the Bronson support group helpful. “I was comfortable there right off the bat. The group was very informative.”

Following the surgery Eric said the first month was rough, but after that he just started feeling better and better. Since having the surgery, Eric no longer has hypertension or sleep apnea. “I honestly can’t remember when I felt as good as I do now,” Eric stated.

Today Eric feels like he did in high school ten years ago. “Right now I can run a mile without stopping, and complete it in 9:28. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would enjoy running.” Of course, his new lease on life also helps him keep up with an active two-year-old.

Eric recommends the surgery to those who are struggling with obesity and want to change their life. “If you have the means to do it, do it!” Eric said. “My quality of life now is by far the best.”

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