Your Room

Your room has many features designed to help you stay comfortable during your stay.

Call Button

The remote control by your bed has a call button you can press when you need assistance. 


Your television control is located on the same device as your caregiver call button. You can watch local channels, as well as a wide range of cable channels. 

Hospital Bed
The hospital beds at Bronson are electronically operated and can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Personal Belongings / Valuables

There is a closet in your room for personal items. If you need something, let us know. Please send any valuables, such as jewelry or money, home with family members. If your family cannot take your valuables home, contact your nurse. 


Each patient room has its own thermostat. 

Room Cleaning Service

Your room will be cleaned every day. If you have concerns or compliments about your room cleaning, please call (269) 245-8088.


Each patient room has its own telephone line, and you can make local calls for no charge. You can also use your cell phone during your stay.

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