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Your Care Team

At Bronson Methodist Hospital, we use a patient- and family-centered care approach. The heart of this approach is the belief that patients and their families are our partners in care.

You are Part of the Team 

At Bronson, we believe patients can define who their family or support team is and what their role should be.

When your family and care team talk about your plan of care, it creates a relationship that helps achieve the best results, improves quality and safety, and reduces costs.

Bronson's Patient and Family Advisory Councils gives patients and families a voice. Their feedback helps us make decisions about how we deliver care.


At Bronson Methodist Hospital, every employee wears a name badge with his or her picture. Many employees also wear uniforms. The uniforms can be different colors, depending on the person's job.

For example:

  • Nurses wear white tops and white or green pants, unless they are wearing blue scrubs. 
  • Physical and respiratory therapists wear navy blue tops and bottoms. 
  • Patient Care Assistants are dressed in teal green. 
  • Environmental Services (housekeeping) wear maroon uniforms.

Nursing Team

During your stay with us, you will receive 24-hour nursing care from our team of nurses and patient care assistants (PCAs).
  • Your nurses will plan, coordinate and provide your patient care. 
  • The nursing team is overseen by charge nurses, unit coordinators and a nurse manager.
  • With your permission, your nursing team will partner with you and your doctors, therapists, family and friends to coordinate your care, including giving you medicines, helping you move and other tasks.

Medical Staff

While you're at Bronson, you will have a team of doctors and other medical professionals providing you with the highest quality care.
  • Your attending doctor is the main doctor who will take care of you while you are in the hospital.
  • Other staff members will help your attending doctor. These may include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives or nurse anesthetists.
  • Other doctors will consult with your doctor. These may include internal medicine hospital specialists (IMHS), who only take care of patients in the hospital.
  • As a teaching hospital, Bronson works closely with  Western Michigan University School of Medicine, where there are more than 180 residents, or doctors, in training. Residents take care of patients at Bronson under the supervision of a staff doctor.

Other Team Members

In addition to doctors and nurses, many other team members work together to provide you with the best possible care. These include pharmacists, therapists, technicians, chaplains and many others.

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