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Medicine Safety at Bronson Methodist Hospital

To give you the best possible treatment, your care team at Bronson Methodist Hospital needs to know the details about all the medicines you are taking.
  • Tell your doctors and nurses about all of the medicines you’re taking, including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins. Do not take any of these while in the hospital. Your nurse will give you any medicines you need.
  • Tell your doctors and nurses how you react to different medicines.
  • Ask your doctor about each drug he or she prescribes. Discuss possible side effects and make sure it is safe to take with your other drugs.
  • Make sure your doctor writes the name of the drug clearly.
  • When your nurse gives you medicine, ask him or her what it is. Make sure the medicine is for you. 
  • Your nurse should open all your medicines in front of you. Anytime you receive medicine, a shot or intravenous (IV) fluid, the nurse should ask for your name and birth date. 
  • Write down the time of day you normally take your medicine. If you do not receive it on time, call the nurse.
  • When you are given an IV, ask how long it should last. If it appears to be dripping too fast or too slow, tell the nurse.

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