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Keep in Touch

Helping you stay connected with loved ones while they are at Bronson Methodist Hospital is important to us.

Patient Condition Reports

Your privacy is very important to us. But you’d like to share information about his or her condition with family or friends, we can do that.

It starts by signing a Notice of Privacy Practices form. You can name up to two people you’d like to receive information about your condition. Those chosen will receive a card with a patient identification number (PIN). When calling the hospital, they’ll need to state their name, the patient’s name and the PIN.


Patient mail should be addressed as follows:

Patient's first and last name
Room number
Bronson Methodist Hospital
601 John St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Deliveries occur Monday through Friday. If packages or letters arrive after the patient leaves the hospital, they’ll be sent to the address given on file.

Online Support

CaringBridge® is a free service that allows patients to create a personal webpage to write journal entries, share photos and keep friends and family informed of their condition.

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