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Electronic Health Record Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic health record?
An electronic health record (EHR) is a computer version of your medical chart. It has all of the information needed to care for you. This includes everything from healthcare provider’s notes and test results to a list of your medications. Bronson has chosen Epic® as our EHR.

With the Bronson EHR, eventually you will have one health record that can be accessed from your Bronson doctor’s office as well as any of Bronson’s locations.

Why is Bronson implementing an EHR?
Our EHR system can help improve the quality of your care. One health record will provide your Bronson healthcare providers a more complete picture of your medical history at Bronson.

When will my hospital/practice implement the Bronson EHR?
To find out when your hospital/practice will begin using the EHR, please contact your healthcare provider. All Bronson locations will begin using the Bronson EHR within the next several years. If you visit a Bronson location that has not yet transitioned to the new system, a paper version of your health record will be available.

How will the Bronson EHR affect the care I receive?
Having a single health record will give everyone involved in your care the information they need to provide even better, safer and more convenient care to you. Some benefits of the Bronson EHR include:

  • Your providers will have even faster access to your test results, medical history, medications and prior health conditions.
  • The new system automatically cross-checks any new prescriptions your provider is considering to ensure there are no negative interactions with your allergies and current medications. An alert message will immediately notify your doctor if there is a potential drug or allergy interaction.
  • Your provider will enter orders and prescriptions directly into the EHR versus hand writing them. This enables pharmacists and other caregivers to clearly read the information, which greatly reduces the possibility of errors.
  • Test results can be sent electronically to your caregivers as soon as they are completed, for immediate analysis, diagnosis and treatment.

How will my information be protected?
Many security measures, including routine auditing and monitoring of access, are in place to protect your information. These security measures meet or exceed all state and federal laws. This includes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which mandates that safeguards be implemented to protect patient health information.

Who at Bronson will have access to my information?
As always, the privacy of your health information is closely protected. Only healthcare providers and staff directly involved in your care will access your electronic health record. In fact, our computer systems routinely audit and monitor if and how your information is being accessed.

What happens if I need to transfer my health records to another hospital or practice?
Information in your health record may be printed for transfer to a non-Bronson facility or to a Bronson facility that has not yet transitioned to the new system. Bronson facilities that have already started using the Bronson EHR will automatically be able to access your health record.

Will I be able to access my EHR?
Yes. Bronson MyChart is a free and secure way to access parts of your medical record through your own computer. You can request prescription renewals, send messages to your healthcare provider, schedule routine appointments and more. At your next visit, ask how you can set up your Bronson MyChart account.

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