While You Are at the Hospital
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While You Are at the Hospital

Your Care Team

At Bronson, we use a patient- and family-centered care approach. The heart of this approach is the belief that patients and their families are our partners in care.

You are Part of the Team

At Bronson, we believe patients can define who their family or support team is and what their role should be.

When your family and care team talk about your plan of care, it creates a relationship that helps achieve the best results, improves quality and safety, and reduces costs.

Bronson's Patient and Family Advisory Councils gives patients and families a voice. Their feedback helps us make decisions about how we deliver care.


Every employee wears a name badge with his or her picture. Many employees also wear uniforms. The uniforms can be different colors, depending on the person's job.

For example:

  • Nurses wear white tops and white or green pants, unless they are wearing blue scrubs.
  • Physical and respiratory therapists wear navy blue tops and bottoms.
  • Patient Care Assistants are dressed in teal green.
  • Environmental Services (housekeeping) wear maroon uniforms.

Nursing Team

During your stay with us, you will receive 24-hour nursing care from our team of nurses and patient care assistants (PCAs).

  • Your nurses will plan, coordinate and provide your patient care.
  • The nursing team is overseen by charge nurses, unit coordinators and a nurse manager.
  • With your permission, your nursing team will partner with you and your doctors, therapists, family and friends to coordinate your care, including giving you medicines, helping you move and other tasks.

Medical Staff

While you're at Bronson, you will have a team of doctors and other medical professionals providing you with the highest quality care.

  • Your attending doctor is the main doctor who will take care of you while you are in the hospital.
  • Other staff members will help your attending doctor. These may include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives or nurse anesthetists.
  • Other doctors will consult with your doctor. These may include internal medicine hospital specialists (IMHS), who only take care of patients in the hospital.
  • As a teaching hospital, Bronson works closely with Western Michigan University School of Medicine, where there are more than 180 residents, or doctors, in training. Residents take care of patients at Bronson under the supervision of a staff doctor.

Other Team Members

In addition to doctors and nurses, many other team members work together to provide you with the best possible care. These include pharmacists, therapists, technicians, chaplains and many others.

Support Services at Bronson

We have a wide array of support services in place to ensure that your stay with us is comfortable and convenient.


Wheelchairs are available at each entrance.

Notice of Program Accessibility

Bronson provides accessible services for people with disabilities, including designated parking spaces, ramps and elevators.

For Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Telephones, computers and televisions are fully equipped for use by the hearing-impaired.


Free interpretation services are available. Please tell your nurse if you need an interpreter.

Shuttle Service

Our free shuttle service is always available for travel between the North and South Campuses. Call (269) 341-7581.

Escort Service

Escort service is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. To request an escort,

  • Bronson Methodist Hospital - call (296) 806-1394. For help after hours, dial 0 from any hospital phone.
  • Bronson Battle Creek Hospital - call (296) 245-8395. 

Pastoral Care Hospital Chaplains

Available 24 hours a day, our Pastoral Care hospital chaplains provide support to patients and families from all spiritual backgrounds.

  • Bronson Battle Creek Hospital - call (269) 245-8000
  • Bronson LakeView Hospital - ask your nurse to page a hospital chaplain
  • Bronson Methodist Hospital - call (269) 341-7444

Bronson HealthAnswers

Bronson HealthAnswers is a free health information center offering doctor referrals and information on health topics.

Concierge Services

Our free Concierge Services can provide a wide range of helpful services, such as buying flowers or giving directions. Call (269) 341-6543.

Cancer Resource Center

Bronson has partnered with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to open a Cancer Resource Center. The center is located in the Medical Office Pavilion, and hours are Monday through Friday, 2 to 4 p.m.

Palliative Care

The goal of palliative care is to relieve the pain, symptoms and stress of patients and families facing complex health conditions. To request a consultation for adults, call (269) 341-7339. To request a consultation for children, call (269) 341-7533.

Your Safety

At Bronson, safety is our top priority. This page lists some of the procedures we invite you to follow during your stay to increase your safety and the safety of others.

Helping You Move Safely 

When you are in the hospital for a procedure, we take special precautions to make sure you can move from one place to another safely.

Reducing the Risk of Falling

  • When getting up, ask for help and wait until someone comes to help you.
  • Get up slowly from the bed or chair to prevent dizziness. Use a walker, crutches, cane or wheelchair if needed.
  • Use grab bars in the bathroom and handrails in the hall.
  • Keep personal items within easy reach. Use your call button to get help if you can't reach something you want.
  • Wear non-skid socks or slippers. If you need some, ask your nurse for a pair.
  • Leave the side rails on your bed up, unless a staff member says it is OK to lower them.
  • Family and friends may be able to help. Check with the nurse before having a family member move you.
  • If you fall, stay calm. Call for help and press your call button if you can. Wait for help to arrive.

Patient-Handling Equipment

  • Bronson uses special equipment to help move or lift patients of all sizes. The equipment makes it easier to move safely and helps reduce injuries to staff members.

Medicine Safety 

To give you the best possible treatment, your care team at Bronson needs to know the details about all the medicines you are taking.

  • Tell your doctors and nurses about all of the medicines you’re taking, including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins. Do not take any of these while in the hospital. Your nurse will give you any medicines you need.
  • Tell your doctors and nurses how you react to different medicines.
  • Ask your doctor about each drug he or she prescribes. Discuss possible side effects and make sure it is safe to take with your other drugs.
  • Make sure your doctor writes the name of the drug clearly.
  • When your nurse gives you medicine, ask him or her what it is. Make sure the medicine is for you.
  • Your nurse should open all your medicines in front of you. Anytime you receive medicine, a shot or intravenous (IV) fluid, the nurse should ask for your name and birth date.
  • Write down the time of day you normally take your medicine. If you do not receive it on time, call the nurse.
  • When you are given an IV, ask how long it should last. If it appears to be dripping too fast or too slow, tell the nurse.

Reducing the Risk of Infection 

With a few simple precautions, you can reduce the risk of infection during your hospital stay.

  • Ask everyone who enters your room to wash their hands, even doctors and nurses.This will help protect you from other people's germs.
  • Ask family, friends and other visitors not to visit you when they are sick.
  • Make sure to get your flu or pneumonia vaccine from your doctor or local flu shot clinic.

Security & Keeping Personal Items Safe 

You can always be confident that your safety and security are a top priority. We take special precautions to ensure your personal safety and the security of your personal belongings.

Personal Belongings

  • There is a closet in your room for clothes and other personal items, such as your dentures and eyeglasses.
  • If you need anything, such as shampoo, deodorant, slippers or a toothbrush, please ask.
  • If you would like to bring electrical devices, such as a blow dryer, computer or music player, please ask if it is OK to use them in your room.
  • Please put everything away, especially when you leave the room.
  • Bronson is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal property.
  • If you lose something, please tell your nurse right away. We will do our best to find it.
  • To ask about lost items, you can also call Customer Service at (269) 341-6055.


  • Please send any valuables, such as jewelry or money, home with family members.
  • If your family cannot take your valuables home, contact your nurse. Your items may be kept in the hospital safe until you can send them home.
  • Bronson is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal property

Fire and Disaster Drills 

For your safety, Bronson holds fire and disaster drills. If a drill occurs while you are here, please stay in your room and keep calm. The hospital staff will tell you what to do and answer questions.

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While You Are at the Hospital