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Department of Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Department at Bronson works to support the Bronson vision to be a national leader in healthcare quality through clinical excellence, customer and service excellence, and cooperate effectiveness. The Bronson Pharmacy Department provides medication and services to inpatients and outpatients in the greater Kalamazoo area. Bronson is home to both inpatient and outpatient pharmacies. Pharmacists and technicians staff in a variety of areas, providing a broad range of pharmaceutical services. Pharmacists also provide care in the Bronson Anticoagulation Center and Bronson Infusion Center.

The Bronson inpatient pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and is responsible for dispensing medications daily for an average census of more than 350 patients. Pharmacists, technical, and numerous support personnel work together to assure patient receive efficient and high quality care. Among the services performed by pharmacy personnel are medication order verificaion, IV preparation, medication dispensing, chemotherapy preparation, compounding of oral and topical dosage forms, packaging of bulk medications, filling of supplies for automated drug cabinets, and many clinical duties.

A team composed of pharmacists, unit dose, IV, decentralized, and supply technicians, pharmacy buyer, information technology pharmacists and technicians, clinical coordinator, pharmacy educator, operations manager, and director of pharmacy make up the Bronson Pharmacy Department.This team approach enables Bronson to enhance patient care and produce positive outcomes. The team also collaborates with management to develop and implement programs to enhance pharmacy services offered at Bronson.

Bronson Methodist Hospital department of pharmacy embraces a model consisting of central and decentralized pharmacists and technicians, providing care and services to all patient care areas within the hospital. 

Clinical pharmacists at Bronson function as integral members of the healthcare team, working with physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes, prevent or minimize drug-related problems, and improve medication use.  Patient care areas with dedicated pharmacist involvement include: emergency department, operating room, adult medical unit, cardiology, general medical/oncology unit, general surgical unit, trauma care unit, neurovascular unit, cardiac surgical unit, post-recovery unit, ortho-surgical unit, pediatrics, pediatric intensive care unit, medical intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care unit, and obstetrics/antepartum. 

Pharmacist teams in these areas participate in multi-disciplinary rounds, review appropriate use of antibiotics, monitor renal and hepatic function, monitor anticoagulant therapies, assist with medication reconciliation, conduct warfarin education, notify physicians of potentially harmful drug interactions, assess patient allergy information, answer drug information questions, attend relevant meetings, participate in committees, as well as in quality improvement and safety initiatives.  They are also involved in the development, implementation, and enforcement of drug utilization guidelines, policies, and procedures, help to ensure the appropriate use of high-risk medications, make cost saving interventions, dose and adjust electrolytes in parenteral nutrition, dose and monitor IV heparin, dose warfarin on consult, and dose and monitor certain antibiotics through the pharmacokinetic dosing service.

The department uses staffing modules that recognize and support excellence and foster collaborative practice. Employees are involved in the decision-making and planning that affects their work life.  It is easy to see that pharmacists, technicians, and support staff provide invaluable resources to both staff and patients at Bronson Methodist Hospital. 

As an accredited teaching hospital, Bronson embraces continuing education and encourages involvement in local, regional, state, and national professional organizations. 

The Bronson Pharmacy is a key teaching site for the Ferris State University School of Pharmacy. There are several full-time faculty members stationed at Bronson and many of the staff pharmacists are adjunct clinical professors who participate in the clinical education of the next generation of pharmacists.

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