​We'll send your prescriptions to your pharmacy electronically. Controlled narcotic substances and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) medicines still need a paper prescription. This can either be sent to you in the mail or you can pick up from our office.

We'll also give you a list of your medicines, including how much you take and other important information. You'll have this list for your own records, so you can share it with other doctors. If you use a mail order pharmacy, we'll mail the prescriptions to you. We cannot fax prescriptions to the mail order pharmacy.

Bring your actual medicine bottles with you when you come to the office. If you don’t bring the medicine, bring a list of all the medicine you are taking. Be sure to ask for prescription refills while you're at the office so you do not run out of medicine. If you call later for refills, it may take up to two business days to get the prescription.

We don't give prescriptions for new medicine, antibiotics or pain medicine over the phone. We need to see you in the office before ordering these medications.