Your First Appointment

Your child’s family doctor has referred your child to us. An electrocardiogram (EKG) and chest X-ray may have been done before your child’s office or clinic appointment. If your child has had these tests before his or her visit and the tests were not done by the hospital where your child will be seen, you will need to bring the EKG and chest X-ray with you. Your child will first be seen by a pediatric nurse who will obtain vital statistics (height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and an EKG. Please don’t apply lotions or creams on the skin prior to the appointment (this makes it difficult to perform the EKG). The pediatric cardiologist will then review this information and examine your child. It may be necessary to do further testing such as a chest X-ray or an echocardiogram.

Write down and bring any questions you may have to the visit. It is important that a responsible adult who lives with the patient is present for all office visits. This provides consistent care evaluation as well as behavioral and home environment information.

Your child’s appointment will be about 30-60 minutes long. Bring diapers, bottles and snacks for your baby. For older children you may want to bring a snack and a couple of books or toys to play with while waiting.

After your child has been evaluated, the doctor will meet with you and your child to talk to you about his/her findings. A letter will be sent to your child’s family doctor regarding the results of their visit. Also, an individual plan of care will be developed for your child. If further tests or treatments are recommended, you will be notified.