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Patient Safety Culture

Patient safety is a critical component of healthcare quality. Preventing patient harm requires more than putting best practices into place. It also requires a culture that is characterized by open communication, shared safety values and the presence of systems that help the organization learn from errors and prevent them from occurring. A poorly perceived safety culture has been linked to increases in errors. Higher patient safety culture scores are associated with lower rates of nurse turnover, infections, pressure ulcers and other complications of care.

The Michigan Hospital Association (MHA) collaborated with Safe and Reliable Care to develop the SCORE survey. This survey measured the areas of Safety, Communication, Operational Reliability and Engagement. The results below compare Bronson Hospitals to other Michigan hospitals.

*A higher number is desired. The higher the percentage, the better the result.

2017 Bronson Battle Creek Hospital results

Administered: July 2017 Bronson Battle Creek Hospital Michigan Hospital Association Results
Staff will freely speak up if they see something that may negatively affect patient care. 79% 78%
When one area in this unit gets really busy, others help out. 76% 72%
Hospital units coordinate well with each other. 54% 48%
We are actively doing things to improve patient safety. 86% 84%
Our procedures and systems are good at preventing errors from happening. 71% 74%
After we make changes to improve patient safety, we evaluate their effectiveness. 75% 70%

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