Patient Safety Culture at Bronson LakeView Hospital

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Published on May 01, 2015

Patient Safety Culture at Bronson LakeView Hospital

As part of its goal to support a culture of patient safety and quality improvement in the Nation's health care system, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) sponsored the development of patient safety culture assessment tools for hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory outpatient medical offices, community pharmacies, and ambulatory surgery centers. 

Patient safety culture is the extent to which an organization’s culture supports and promotes patient safety. Patient safety culture refers to the beliefs, values, and norms that are shared by health care practitioners and other staff throughout the organization that influence their actions and behaviors. 

Patient safety culture can be measured by determining what is rewarded, supported, expected, and accepted in an organization as it relates to patient safety.

*A higher number is desired. The higher the percentage, the better the result.

2019 Bronson LakeView Hospital results

Administered: April 2019 Bronson LakeView Hospital  National Average
Staff will freely speak up if they see something that may negatively affect patient care. 85% 79%
When one area in this unit gets really busy, others help out. 74% 72%
Hospital units work well together to provide the best care for patients. 76% 73%
We are actively doing things to improve patient safety. 89% 84%
Our procedures and systems are good at preventing errors from happening. 77% 75%
After we make changes to improve patient safety, we evaluate their effectiveness. 76% 71%

Reviewed by Bronson Patient Safety & Quality on February 03, 2020