For Investigators/Researchers

For Investigators/Researchers

From this page, you can find studies that are open to enrollment for which your patients may be eligible. 

Beginning August 15, 2016, Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight of research will be transferred from Bronson Methodist Hospital (BMH) and Borgess Medical Center to the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine (WMed).

This transfer of IRB oversight will consolidate the process of IRB activities and eliminate the need for investigators to request IRB approval from two IRBs when doing research at both Bronson and Borgess. 

The Bronson IRB will continue to receive continuing reviews, interim reports, amendments, and conduct study closures until the WMed IRB assumes oversight of all existing BMH IRB approved studies on August 15, 2016.

If you have questions regarding the IRB transition, please contact the BMH IRB office at (269) 341-7898.

WMED Institutional Review Board Contact Information

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