Clinical Students - Bronson Healthcare
Bronson works with schools to offer placements in nursing, dietary, radiography, pharmacy, social work, respiratory care, mid-level providers and many others.

Bronson Student Requirements

  • Work with school faculty to establish a Bronson contract for training.
  • Meet the Student Minimum Work Requirements for health, safety and confidentiality.
  • Follow Bronson's Student Orientation Information.
  • Wear a college issued I.D. badge while at Bronson.
  • Students at BMH need to park in public parking areas while BBC has designated areas for student parking.
  • Establish permission to access clinical documentation on Bronson's network.
  • Complete the Pyxis user ID request form.

Students at Bronson enjoy learning experiences in both clinical, and non-clinical settings. Student placements are made between school faculty and Bronson staff within a student's area of interest. Students must complete Bronson's orientation process and arrange to obtain ID badges, access to technology and other necessary tools.

Placements are arranged after a contract is completed with the students’ school. Students may come with a clinical group or as a single placement with precepted learning.

  • Nursing student placements are coordinated through our SW MI Nursing Placement Consortium.
  • Medical and pre-medical placements are arranged by the Western Michigan University School of Medicine.
  • All other placements go through the department of placement.
  • Mid-level Practitioner Students can arrange placements with practitioners

All Students must meet requirements to participate in any learning opportunities at Bronson. Schools are responsible for collecting and verifying student information to meet our requirements.