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Bronson Student Requirements   

Students at Bronson enjoy learning experiences in both clinical, and non-clinical settings. Student placements are made between school faculty and Bronson staff within a student's area of interest. Students must complete Bronson's orientation process and arrange to obtain ID badges, access to technology and other necessary tools. 


An Externship at Bronson is a paid work/study opportunity for collegiate level students The student works for base pay with flexible scheduling and hands-on learning. Recruiting occurs March through May, and October through December. The hiring process is a professional job search and can take a couple of months from application to orientation. When positions are available, the information/application is posted on Bronson's Job Opportunities web page.


An internship at Bronson is usually an unpaid work/study opportunity. Arrangements are customized for each individual student and based on mentor availability and department acceptance. The sponsoring department determines the educational prerequisites and the length of the internship. Bronson prerequisites must also be met. Arrangements are made through the department of placement. Please contact Bronson’s Education Services at for more information. RN internships are for new nurses who have graduated within one year.

RN Internships may be available for critical care, med surg and other areas. They are extended orientation with support for learning, with rotations through a variety of areas, before placement within a specific specialty. When these are available they are posted with more information


Entry level are paid positions that offer immersion in a healthcare setting. Some positions well-suited for clinical students include sitter, patient care assistant, unit clerk and phlebotomist. Areas well-suited to non-clinical students include dietary, environmental services and receptionist/greeter. Positions will be posted on Bronson's Job Opportunities web page as they become available.

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