Happy Retirement, Frank!

Bronson President & CEO Frank Sardone is retiring in December, 2019. When asked what he’ll miss most, he says it is the people he’s had the opportunity to meet and connect with along the way. Join us in honoring Frank’s 32 years of service to the Bronson Healthcare system and the regional community by posting a note expressing your appreciation, well wishes, fond memories or retirement advice. He’d love to hear from you.

A Few of Our Favorite Memories Shared to Celebrate Frank J. Sardone's Career

Date Time Name Message
December 29th 2019 02:42:15 PM Esther DeYoung Congratulations, Frank.
Thank you for your commitment to Bronson, and to our community, throughout your career. We have been blessed to have a leader who served us with such dedication to both patients and staff. Your passion for providing and improving healthcare here is matched only by your character; I have great respect for a leader who welcomes employees to know him by his first name.

I wish you peace and happiness in the next phase of life, as you settle into new and rewarding endeavors.
Again, congratulations and thank you.
Esther DeYoung
December 27th 2019 06:23:17 PM Robert P Kittredge Frank, thanks for your many years at Bronson - your help kept it growing as a significant part of Kalamazoo's healthcare system!
Best wishes,
December 23rd 2019 08:19:28 AM Jack and Nanette Keiser Dear Frank: Thank you for all you do for our community and your outstanding leadership at Bronson over the years. We hope your retirement is everything you wish it to be for you and yours! Fondly, Jack and Nanette Keiser
December 20th 2019 09:18:17 AM Sharon Noteboom Just wanted to say After 38 years of service. The first 20 were my favorite from 1979 to 1989. We had so much fun working and making friends, fun days. Mash day, California raisins, Gilligan's Island day. And my last eight years were not so fun. I had never had a boss that was so “mad at the world”. But enjoy your retirement as I am, loving it!
December 20th 2019 07:47:15 AM Arlene Matteson I can remember writing a note to you when you became the CEO to Bronson. I was pleased to hear of your promotion and knew you would be a great leader back then. I did not expect to be writing you a second note of Congratulations that that leadership is coming to an end. Thank you for your years of service. You made a difference. Best Wishes on your retirement. May you enjoy good health and have positive memories of your time at Bronson.
December 19th 2019 10:52:00 PM Kathy Fender Best wishes on your Retirement Frank. Your Contributions to Bronson are unprecedented. I’ll always remember us discovering that we were both from Kentucky while working together. I enjoyed our friendship and wish you and Susan the very best.
December 19th 2019 09:53:38 PM Ken & Sue Taft Congratulations Frank! We wish you and Susan all the best. Hope to see you soon.
December 19th 2019 03:56:26 PM Elizabeth Fleming Congratulations Frank! Thank You, for all you have done. Enjoy your retirement.
You deserve it!
December 19th 2019 11:08:28 AM Shelley Hoogerheide Congratulations, Frank! You have been a great captain of the ship, and will be a hard act to follow, but we know that you have us going in the right direction. I have always appreciated that you recognize and remember all of us! You have done a fantastic job and will be missed. We wish you the best in your next chapter!
December 18th 2019 04:15:39 PM Jean Krueger Bronson will continue to thrive - you have set us up for that! However, it will not be the same and you will be missed. I am personally grateful to have been a part of executing your vision for raising the bar on our customer service standards and patient and family experiences. Now go create some exceptional (personal) experiences of your own! With Respect, Jean
December 18th 2019 01:07:37 PM Jan Morris My Mom would tell the story that her face was the first you saw when interviewing at Bronson so many years ago. Since you were new in town and away from your Mom, she had always wanted you over for a mom-cooked meal. I'm not sure that ever happened, but it would have been oh so delish! : ) You held a special place in her heart and I so appreciated you coming to her visitation when she passed on. Your genuine "Hello" will be missed here. Congratulations and enjoy your leisurely days ahead!
December 18th 2019 12:10:59 PM Sonia Hubartt Congratulations Frank,
I will never forget when we first met, you were always encouraging and never forgot who I was, you always asked about my family and how my training for competition was going, you ALWAYS stopped to say hi and talk to me.
Enjoy this next season in your life and all the great adventures you will experience. Embrace each day with that infectious smile!
December 18th 2019 11:24:29 AM Bill Mayer Congratulations on your retirement, Frank! You have created an extraordinary legacy. I will never forget my first meeting as part of your Bronson leadership team at which we were preparing for the Baldrige Award site visit. The team was fully engaged, aligned, and focused on achieving your vision of being recognized as a national leader in health care quality and I was proud and grateful to be a part of it. More recently, your vision and leadership have had a broader impact on the health of our state and our nation through Bronson’s participation in Affirmant Health Partners. Together with our five other health system partners and 5,000 participating physicians, we are creating a healthy Michigan at an affordable cost and thriving under value-based health care financing. Thank you for your exceptional contributions to Bronson, our patients (especially my family), our community, our state, and our nation. We wish you and Susan a healthy, fulfilling, and well-deserved retirement.
December 18th 2019 09:18:03 AM Andrea Thank you for everything you've done! Enjoy this next chapter of your adventure.
December 18th 2019 09:06:36 AM Rhonda Peterson I am so grateful for the years that I have worked under your leadership.
My only regret is having a nine year gap in my employment.
Your encouragement to "Raise the Bar" and to ALWAYS strive to do better will stick with me for life.
Wishing you much enjoyment in the retirement chapter of your life.
December 18th 2019 08:44:35 AM Cheryl Throgmorton Frank, Bronson is a great place to work and to receive care. It was an honor to work under your leadership when I worked there. I wish you happiness and a new kind of fulfillment in your retirement.

December 18th 2019 07:44:41 AM Jill Hess A privilege to work under your leadership Frank. Not once, but twice. Thank you for keeping Bronson the phenomenal institution it is today. I wish you and Susan many many years of enjoyment in retirement. I'm not far behind you. All the best! Jill
December 17th 2019 07:49:25 PM Pam Blochard In the 42 years that I worked at Bronson,I had the privilege of seeing the institution grow into a major part of our community. I think you,Frank Sardone, were the driving force behind achieving that status. Thank for all you have done for Bronson and the community...good luck on your next adventure!
December 17th 2019 07:02:14 PM Nicholas Cooper Thank you Frank,
It was an honor working for you. Even at a distance and in the few times we had the opportunity to sit and speak, I learned so very much. Of course the words do not come to mind, but what you inspired within me, us, will continue to live on. I will do my part to carry Bronson positivity and our dream into the future. Thank you so, so much for your time and dedication to this community and the people who worked with and for you. Bless you!

Your Friend,

December 17th 2019 06:24:55 PM Kathy Dalman Congratulations on your retirement!!! I admire your leadership and what you haven given the Bronson family. I will miss your kind personality and wish you the best always. Enjoy that beautiful home on the lake!


Kathy Dalman
December 17th 2019 04:28:21 PM Pam Visser Thank you, Frank, for your vision and for always challenging us to 'raise the bar'. It has been a pleasure to work under your guidance. I wish you well as you now begin this next chapter! Enjoy!
December 17th 2019 04:22:52 PM Jennie Artz Since I have worked here we all have referred to you as our 'Uncle Frank'. We will say, going to get some of 'Uncle Frank's coffee' from the break room, or 'Uncle Frank gave us a gain share check', etc. This all goes to show how much you felt like family to all of us. Happy retirement and know you've left an amazing impact on all of the people of Bronson and those that we serve.
December 17th 2019 03:17:31 PM Jane Fette Frank, I haven't been with Bronson very long, but you have always been very warm and welcoming. I've heard wonderful things about you, and I wish you and Sue the very best going forward into your next chapter.
December 17th 2019 03:13:42 PM Vicki Wardlaw The Wound Healing Team is excited for you as you embark on your next journey. Thank you for your vision and support as we continue to help our community heal and Thank You for believing in us!
Wishing you many wonderful sunsets where ever you are. Please stop by to see us in our new digs!

Best regards- Vicki
December 17th 2019 03:12:07 PM Richard Fluke Frank, I believe you arrived at Bronson one year after we stared H.N.I. Due to your support, H.N.I. has been a successful organization and provided numerous benefits to its members. The best to you and Susan for a long and healthy retirement. Dick.
December 17th 2019 02:55:23 PM Kathy Wilson Enjoy the roses!
December 17th 2019 02:27:48 PM John M.Fear II Frank - wishing you great Health and Happiness in your retirement! The Dietary Team from Battle Creek joined the Bronson Team a little later in your tenure, but we are grateful for being given the opportunity to become full fledged Bronson Team Members!! I hope you enjoy your retirement Sir!!
December 17th 2019 01:55:06 PM Carmela Pulling Frank,

I worked at Bronson with some of your predecessors. I have always said that the best Bronson I worked for was spearheaded by you! I wish you many new memories of life outside of Bronson. With every new memory may you savor the moment. All of us will remember the positive impact you had on the healthcare community in Kalamazoo. The best is yet to come....
December 17th 2019 01:38:18 PM Mike Kasten Frank,
Thank you for all support and leadership throughout the years. I'm sorry but I will be in the OR during your party today. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it.
December 17th 2019 12:18:00 PM Joe Gamble Jr. Thank you very being so kind. It was always a pleasure to see and speak to you. I am honored to have know you. Have a great retirement. Enjoy what life has to offer. You deserve it. God Bless you and your family always.
December 17th 2019 12:15:28 PM Katie Weirick Thank you, Frank, for your vision and leadership! Wishing you a joyful retirement
December 17th 2019 12:01:40 PM Susan Imanse, CNM In the 25 years I have been at Bronson I have found you to be a positive and caring CEO. I appreciate your support of Midwifery. It has always surprised me you could remember my name with so many employees!

I wish you a happy retirement
December 17th 2019 11:27:34 AM Liz Colson Thank you for your vision and leadership, and the role you've had in making Bronson an excellent place to work and receive healthcare. Best wishes for new adventures in the years ahead. Liz Colson
December 17th 2019 11:23:21 AM Julie VanderNoot Thank you for your support of volunteers, the Bronson volunteer program and for your vision in creating the new Bronson. Through your leadership we have new service areas, partnerships, focus on culture, diversity and inclusion and always looking for ways to propel Bronson forward. Thank you for living in and loving this community and being a key player in the revitalization of downtown Kalamazoo. You have had a huge influence on me and impacted the type of leader I became. You leave a legacy that is admired and few can achieve. I wish you and Susan the best as you discover what is ahead. One thing is for sure; you will be raising the bar on what retirement means!!
December 17th 2019 10:46:06 AM Carolyn Horn Frank - Congratulations on your retirement! You have represented our organization and community well.
Some of your most admirable and noteworthy traits include being relational, hospitable, and genuine.
Now have fun, enjoy, and relax!!!
December 17th 2019 10:30:22 AM Sarah Henry Frank,
It has been a pleasure to meet you and to learn about all of your accomplishments - you deserve to enjoy your retirement! I'll expect to see you in South Haven at our club soon :)
All the best,
December 17th 2019 10:29:27 AM Carla Cook Frank,
Thank you for your years of leadership for Bronson, and the Kalamazoo community. Wish you the best.
December 17th 2019 10:11:58 AM Mary Steinke Dear Frank,
Congratulations on your well deserved retirement! Thank-you so much for your brilliant leadership that has allowed Bronson to flourish. It has been an honor working for you. Best wishes, Mary Steinke RNC, NICU
December 17th 2019 10:04:54 AM Clayton Gallap from pharmacy Hi Frank,

You've done a great job over the years.
Bronson has been a wonderful place to work and an island of stability in a turbulent world.
Thanks so much for all you've done.

Now have some fun!
December 17th 2019 09:49:32 AM michelle smith Frank,

Thank you for your leadership and your presence! RELAX and enjoy your retirement! You have most definitely earned it!

December 17th 2019 09:38:37 AM Sally VanSweden Dear Frank,
Congratulations. Thank you for many faithful years of service to Bronson. Thank you for being an advocate for our medical community. Enjoy your retirement. Hope to see you walking the woods of Kleinstuck!
Sally VanSweden
December 17th 2019 09:37:51 AM Bernadette Leeth Congratulations on your retirement. I want to say Thank-You for the exceptional job you have done for Bronson.
December 17th 2019 09:12:46 AM Lisa Breithaupt Frank, thank you for all you have done to build an environment of excellence and positivity. Enjoy retirement!!
December 17th 2019 08:45:35 AM Jessica MacGregor Thank you for building Bronson into the wonderful organization that it is today. I am proud to work here! Enjoy your retirement.
December 17th 2019 08:41:37 AM Amy Simmonds Frank,
Thank you for being a great leader for Bronson. I appreciate all you have done for our employees, our community, and healthcare in Michigan! I hope you enjoy your retirement!
Best Wishes!
December 17th 2019 08:18:34 AM Joyce Carpenter I also retired after 32 years of faithful service to Bronson. Wishing you all the best as you leave to follow your dreams.
December 17th 2019 08:16:49 AM Marcus Glass Frank,

I'm not sure if you remember the first time we met--it was at a Brass Band concert in Battle Creek. I was not an official employee of Bronson at the time-however I was affiliated with BBC as a vendor. From that time--I knew I would appreciate your leadership as we both have a love for good music. Frank--I believe the music helped you navigate the challenges and stresses of the business! Have a wonderful retirement and know that you will be missed.
December 17th 2019 08:16:09 AM Angie Bentley Thank you for such great Leadership with Bronson for the last 32 years! Many Blessings to and your family upon your retirement!
December 17th 2019 08:15:46 AM Julie Eastman Congratulations Frank on your Retirement! Thank you for your wonderful leadership and years of service to this great organization "Bronson". It has been a positive experience to see all the changes for our growing facilities and how we have made a positive impact on this community and outlying communities. Blessings to you and your wife in the exciting chapter of your lives ahead! Enjoy and travel!!
December 17th 2019 08:13:52 AM Sonia Callen Happy Retirement Frank! For your dedication and hard work you deserve the best retirement ever. Enjoy this new journey of your life. Cherish every moment and have fun!

My Best,
December 17th 2019 08:11:59 AM Jamie Radcliffe Thank you for your wonderful leadership during the last 25 years of my employment with Bronson. I have appreciated your kindness and support with every interaction I have had with you these past years. Happy Retirement!!
December 17th 2019 08:08:05 AM Randy Mudge, MD Wishing both you and Susan the best as you transition to retirement. Thanks for all you have done over the years for the entire Bronson family and the patients we serve.
December 17th 2019 08:06:17 AM Brian Bell What an honor it was to receive my President's team award from you in 2011. I was so proud to be recognized by my peers for a job well done. It was especially noteworthy that you took the time to personally acknowledge us. That meant the world to me. I also appreciated seeing you every summer at our picnics on the roof. Thanks for coming around on occasion to give us hope, encouragement, and acknowledgment for a job well done. I also want to thank you for the occasional bonus that you were able to put through for us. That helped me on many holiday's. Thanks again Frank!!!
December 17th 2019 07:35:23 AM Michael Halifax Frank,

Congratulations on your retirement. In my time supporting the executive offices, you've always shown great patience and humility in your leadership. I hope you have many wonderful years of travel and family time. Thank you for the direction you have set for this organization, it has truly been a pleasure working here for the last 16 years.

Michael Halifax
December 17th 2019 07:11:54 AM Bill Workman DO Thanks for your strong leadership. I wish you the best in retirement. My retired patients all recommend taking up a hobby. We've got a lot of great lakes here in southwest Michigan for fishing.
December 17th 2019 06:30:46 AM sally greenlee congratulations on your retirement and enjoy. From experience retirement is good!
December 16th 2019 10:34:54 PM Kimberly Hybels Frank,
Best wishes on your well-deserved retirement. In my 20+ years here I have yet to know a Bronson without you. The culture of positivity and patient centered care you have established has made me proud to be employed here. What a phenomenal legacy you leave here. You will be greatly missed.
December 16th 2019 07:08:12 PM Sally Beck Congratulations on your retirement! My husband, Herbert Beck, was the head of Environmental Services for many years at Bronson. When he passed away in August, 2001, you attended his funeral service. Your presence meant a lot to our family. I wish you wonderful, healthy, memory-filled years ahead!
Sally Beck.
December 16th 2019 04:59:33 PM Jon M Dixon You deserve the best in your retirement! Your leadership shaped the culture at Bronson into an outstanding organization. The years working with you were filled with challenges, growth, fun and accomplishments. I can't imagine working for a better boss. I wish you and Susan the best!
December 16th 2019 04:33:19 PM Chuck and Mary Ann Birch Thanks for making Bronson one of the best hospitals in the country.
December 16th 2019 03:22:11 PM K.C. Hunt Frank,
You have been an outstanding leader for Bronson and the entire community. It has truly been a privilege and honor to work with you over these years. Best wishes to you and Susan on your retirement. You will be missed……………
December 16th 2019 02:13:12 PM Anika Meyers Frank,

Thank-You for being such a strong leader to our community, our surrounding region, and our Bronson Family! You have lead by example and have left a big impact on who I am as a leader! You have always stayed visible, have always lead with Big Vision, and have always called us by name! In your leadership everyone mattered and that was palpable in the many years you were our CEO! I hope your next door brings you much happiness and good health! Thank-You for the time you spent investing in me as a nurse and a leader!! You will be greatly missed!! Anika
December 16th 2019 01:05:14 PM Cynthia Vasquez Congratulations on your retirement!
Thank you for all of the wonderful years working with and for us.

Mr. Sardone, I will never forget how you made me feel at the President’s Team Award Ceremony when you were shaking my hand up on stage and we were talking instead of looking at the camera. You were telling me how proud you were. Your smile and handshake meant a lot and are well treasured. And again at the Anniversary Award Banquet with me celebrating 5 years with Bronson. You did not hesitate when I asked to get a picture with you.
Thank you for those small moments of your time. I pray you have a very happy retirement.
December 16th 2019 12:13:54 PM Heidi Griggs Congratulations on this next chapter of your life! Thank You for your dedication to Bronson during my 23 years with the organization. We have appreciated your leadership. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Happy Holidays
December 16th 2019 11:50:33 AM Monica Kruimink Congratulations on your retirement! Happy Holidays to you and your family.
December 16th 2019 11:37:50 AM Rhonda Malpassr Thank you for your years of leadership and best wishes for a happy retirement.
December 16th 2019 11:28:56 AM Joel Hurst, RN It has been a privilege serving with you during my career here at Bronson (22 years). Wishing you well in your retirement.
December 16th 2019 11:00:41 AM Jennifer Webb MD Thank you for all you did for me since I have joined this hospital. I appreciate all the care you put into making this a great hospital and for all you did for the Cancer Center! Enjoy your retirement!
December 16th 2019 10:47:26 AM Sarah Harding I have worked at Bronson for the last 18 year. I can honestly say the path you have taken Bronson down has been amazing. The focus on not only patients but the families of the patients have been amazing. You have paved the path for a major change in healthcare and one that I have been proud to walk that path with everyone. Your leadership will be missed.
Enjoy this next chapter. Happy Retirement!
December 16th 2019 09:29:15 AM Keysha Gardner Frank: Best wishes and Happy Retirement. You will be missed here at Bronson. Don't be a stranger...:-)
December 16th 2019 09:21:39 AM Nancy Vannest Congratulations on your retirement, Frank. I wish you and your family good health and joyous days in your retirement. Working under your leadership and guidance was truly an honor. Your legacy of exceptional healthcare serving our communities will live on among all of us!
December 16th 2019 07:29:08 AM Glenda Pietryga You can honestly and proudly stand firm knowing that you will hear over and over and over again, "Frank -- job well done!" Yes, you will be missed and no one will quite fill your shoes, but you need to know that we are all better people because we have been blessed with a Leader like you to learn from AND you deserve to have some 100% family time now! Yes, you deserve it! It's time to "raise the bar" on your own personal "Frank and His Family" time! Have a happy and blessed retirement. Job well done!
December 16th 2019 07:15:39 AM Brian Schrader Thank you for always leading with authenticity and sharing as much as you could so that everyone could understand the full picture. I've always appreciated your ability to remember so many names and how you ask how our families are doing. You have left us with a lasting cultural legacy and I look forward to seeing you around in the community for years to come. Enjoy your much deserved retirement.
December 16th 2019 07:05:11 AM Holly Lovely Thank You for leading this Organization in the right direction. You will be missed! Have a Blessed Retirement.
December 15th 2019 11:04:36 AM Clara M. Vincent Have a Happy Retirement....
December 14th 2019 12:59:25 PM Athalia Simpson Enjoy your retirement Frank
December 14th 2019 12:55:55 PM Ruth Tatara Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for all you have done for Bronson and for the community. You will be missed.
Ruth Tatara CNM
December 14th 2019 10:27:20 AM Marc Garlock Frank, thank you for leading by example and always striving to "raise the bar" you always welcomed me and my team when we were making presentations and always welcomed us to sit next to you.
December 14th 2019 12:00:31 AM Larry L. J. Powers Thank You Frank Sardone. "Happy Retirement!" ..
December 13th 2019 04:02:17 PM Jennifer McDuel Frank I appreciate your dedication and commitment you have made to BMH Employees and Patients. Best Wishes to you, Enjoy your retirement.
December 13th 2019 01:20:48 PM Terri Scheffers RN Thanks for all your leadership over the years. I was always confident having you at the helm of this ship, knowing you had our best interest at heart! I wish you a very happy and well deserved retirement. God bless you!
December 13th 2019 12:52:48 PM Abbie Walker Thank you for your leadership, and your embodiment of Bronson's core values. You're very much walk-the-walk, not just talk-the-talk. Through good times and challenges alike, Bronson has been in very capable hands. It will be a tall order to replace you, and you will be missed. Enjoy every minute of the retirement you've earned!
December 13th 2019 12:10:56 PM Casey Gershon Thank-you for all your years of excellence and teaching us the phrase "raise the bar". You showed that we can put the patient first and make a sustainable organization. Good luck to you in your next adventure..Casey
December 13th 2019 12:07:50 PM Mary Hansen Here is to a well deserved and happy retirement! May all the years ahead bring you great joy and relaxation.

December 13th 2019 11:50:40 AM Paul Guthrie Best Wishes Frank! I've worked at Bronson since 1986, and have always appreciated both your kindness and leadership over these many years.
December 13th 2019 11:05:03 AM Cindy Naulder Best wishes and happy retirement, Frank!
December 13th 2019 10:42:55 AM Alan Lagerberg Frank,
It has been an honor to work with you during the years before I retired. Your commitment to knowing personally, each employee you have met and remembering them each time you run across them, is something I have not seen routinely from others. I have continued to follow you and Bronson through 12 years of retirement and am so impressed. Please enjoy your retirement as I have.
December 13th 2019 09:46:43 AM Susan Dando I have been at Bronson for 27 years and I remember working a 7p-7am shift and you came to every shift and shook hands with EVERY employee to thank us for all we do. That effort shows how dedicated you are among over gestures you have continually made. Thank you for your dedicated leadership at Bronson! I wish you many happy, healthy years of retirement!
December 13th 2019 08:44:45 AM Diana Allor Cheers to your retirement, you will be missed. May your next chapters be filled with many new wonders.
December 13th 2019 08:00:45 AM Jose Hernandez Jr Frank , Just want to say it has been a Privilege and a Honor to work for you here at Bronson Hospital . Enjoy your Retirement you have Earned and Deserve it !. I also want Thank You for letting me call you a Friend and the stories we used to share about Food !. TACOs ETC !. Have a Great Holiday and Enjoy . I will Miss you along with many other .

December 13th 2019 07:46:04 AM Laura Hicks Thank you Frank for the wonderful years working with all of us employees. You made me feel special at the Anniversary Award Banquet celebrating my 40 years with Bronson, your smile and handshake was well appreciated. I hope your next adventure goes well with many special plans. Your family should be very proud of you as we are. Good Luck.
December 13th 2019 07:30:09 AM Michael Raphelson MD I don't believe I can articulate adequately my deep appreciation for you leadership and support of patient and family initiatives over the last 20 years of my partnership with Bronson Frank. Thank you for your vision, positivity and support of my efforts and career. My pride in working for Bronson is very much tied to your leadership legacy. After 32 years you deserve a long and fulfilling retirement and I wish you and your family the very best. You will be missed. THANK YOU. Michael
December 13th 2019 07:16:54 AM chase I really missed not seeing you at the Holiday Banquet yesterday to say good-bye in person. I will never forget the one summer BBQ event that I "worked" the dunk tank and was introduced to most of the nursing staff as you showed them how to push the button over and over again. The weather was hot but man that hose water was really cold. LOL. Enjoy retirement, hopefully you are heading someplace warm and sunny, where its five o'clock all the time.
December 11th 2019 01:58:53 PM Ed Bruff/CEO Covenant Congratulations on your milestone. What a distinguished career you've had. I know you'll miss all of the people, and you'll probably be asking yourself why you didn't retire sooner.

Congratulations and Best Wishes in your Retirement.
December 11th 2019 09:30:29 AM Cindy Kole Dear Frank,
Thank you for your friendship and leadership within our community. I appreciate your guidance on the various boards we have served on together. I hope we continue to stay in touch and again, thank you for being a wonderful friend! All the best to you and Susan for this exciting next chapter.
December 11th 2019 08:38:50 AM Diane Postler Slattery, Ph.D. Frank, I will miss you greatly. I have always looked to you for guidance and direction at both Caymich and Affirmant meetings. You brought so much expertise and personality to every meeting. I can only wish you the very best at this next chapter of your life and I can be a little bit jealous!!!
December 10th 2019 02:45:59 PM Tim Israels Frank,
Many years ago I had told Sylvia : What a great organization you work for". She replied : You should come to work here. I did and my only regret is that I did not start years earlier. What a great organization you have been at the helm of. I was grateful to have been a small part of it. Thank you for your leadership over the years and making Southwestern Michigan a leader in the healthcare community.

Enjoy your retirement Frank, you and Susan deserve it. Also we hope to see you at the Gilmore this spring.

December 7th 2019 01:14:05 PM Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran Dear Frank,
Sope and I wish you the very best in retirement. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you in service to Bronson and so many other community organizations. You are an extraordinary leader and I have learned so much about leadership and about developing people by observing you in action. Thank you for your many years of service in Kalamazoo County and your more recent years of service in Van Buren and Calhoun counties.
To say you will be missed is a trite understatement. Now it's time to play a little bit. We wish you and Susan a wonderful set of adventures in the years ahead.
P.S. There is good food in North Carolina and we have lots of room.
Our very best,
Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran and Sope Oyelaran
December 4th 2019 03:51:33 PM kelvin oliver I never told you this Frank but when I was a 1 month in Security Manager, I was driving on S. Westnedge during a summer month at around 4 or 5pm, southbound near W. Lovell in the right lane that seemed way more backed up with traffic than the left lane. Being a retired Law Enforcement Officer, I became a little concerned so I changed lanes in an effort to move southbound quicker so that I might see what the holdup was. To my surprise, in that sea of traffic, with vehicles stacked behind was you! You were in your Audi; convertible top down; driving slightly under the speed limit; both hands on the steering wheel; smile on your face with a more upbeat classical tune playing. In that moment I thought, regardless of all the chaos taking place around Frank he keeps what he can control positive, steady and safe! In my 4 plus years of being a Bronson employee you have created that same atmosphere for our organization in the healthcare industry and from my perspective, that is what your legacy will be at Bronson. Thank you Frank for giving me an opportunity in such a community based, great organization. Enjoy your retirement with Susan!
December 3rd 2019 01:24:41 PM Patti Vesey Frank, thank you for your amazing leadership. I always felt your sincerity, passion and enthusiasm with every encounter. Thank you for supporting the Volunteer Program, and especially the Patient and Family Advisory Council. Wishing you many happy retirement years!!
December 3rd 2019 01:14:43 PM Simonny Breviglieri Frank,
Thanks for your dedication all these years!!
And think about it, you will never have to ask for a day off ever! ;-)
Good wishes for your retirement!
November 30th 2019 10:06:37 PM Terri L. Wolthuis Dear Frank,

Thank you for your dedicated leadership at Bronson! I wish you many happy, healthy years of retirement!

Terri L. Wolthuis
November 26th 2019 08:55:30 AM Ryan Horn Frank,
Thank you for your commitment to our community and your leadership in transforming Bronson in to what it is today. As a lifelong employee you have always been someone I’ve admired for your ability to create and communicate a clear vision that everyone believes in and supports. Congratulations on your retirement, you will be missed!
November 26th 2019 04:07:33 AM Tryna Weiss You have been a great leader for Bronson Hospital, and I wish you many happy years in retirement. I have been a nurse working here for the last 31 years and appreciate all that you have done for Bronson and the community and regional area to make health care better for all. Sincerely, Tryna
November 25th 2019 03:53:47 PM Denise (Robinson) Hairston Frank,

Thank you for your continual commitment to always “raising the bar” @ Bronson. Congratulations on your retirement.
November 25th 2019 03:15:26 PM Johnny and Sherry Buiskool Wow-What a legacy you are to Kalamazoo! Thank you for being Bronson Positive through the years. You are loved and will be missed. Enjoy your retirement Mr Sardone.
November 25th 2019 03:02:57 PM Carolynne Spooner MT(ASCP) Thank you for your years of excellent work for Bronson. Happy Retirement!
November 25th 2019 01:41:28 PM Melissa Madsen Thank you Frank for leading Bronson in a way that makes us all proud to work here! The people of Bronson have benefited greatly by your vision and commitment to raising the bar. I wish you all the best as you enter retirement!
November 25th 2019 01:08:24 PM Michele Snook Thank you for your leadership and commitment throughout your years with Bronson. Enjoy your retirement!
November 25th 2019 12:56:50 PM Vicki Crawford It has been an honor to work at Bronson with you! I will have 45 years and will miss not having you up on the stage with me, at the Awards Banquet next year. It will not be the same without you! Bronson and the staff will definitely miss you as our amazing leader. I felt honored that you knew so many by their first name, as I was one of them. Enjoy life and stop in to visit! Thank you for leading "us"! Vicki
November 25th 2019 12:51:26 PM Matt De Vries Frank -

Thank you for the significant contributions you have made to both Bronson as well as the community throughout the past 32 years!

All the best as you begin your retirement!

Matt De Vries
November 25th 2019 12:48:40 PM Emily Senske Thanks for leading with excellence and grace. You have always come across as someone who is approachable and easy to talk to. I learned how easy this was the day I sat next to you at one of the leadership meetings and jokingly tried to steal your pen. Thanks for having a great personality as a leader.
November 21st 2019 04:27:36 PM RoseElla P. Lyke Dearest Frank, Thank You are such small words, but they have such a huge impact. Thank you for your service. Thank you for assisting my late love, Michael O. Wilson. I wish you happy days as you make this transition into the next chapter of your life. Many blessings.
RoseElla P. Lyke-Jones (former volunteer)
November 20th 2019 08:11:59 AM Chip Falahee Frank:
It has been an honor and privilege to work with you for 32 years. Bronson, our community, and the residents of Michigan have all benefitted from your steadfast drive to “raise the bar.” Your humility, humor, warmth and integrity shown through to all. Know that you will be missed and that your career here has been a great success: You always looked for the best in others and gave the best you had. On a personal note, thanks for many memories, from lobster in DC to a barn on the way to Lansing, and others that will remain attorney-client protected! Diana and I extend our best wishes to Susan and you on your retirement.
November 16th 2019 06:20:28 PM Bill Greer Frank

Thank you for your commitment to health in Kalamazoo and the surrounding service areas. In particular, I appreciate your leadership and steady hand integrating BBC and the Bronson system to provide local presence with regional best practices. You have also been a great neighbor. Now, before you ride off into the sunset, could you do something about those @#*& deer.
November 15th 2019 06:03:38 PM Rick Halpert Frank--Your retirement will be a huge loss to Kalamazoo. You have turned Bronson into a region wide leader in healthcare for all. You have made it a great place to work, a wonderful place to seek care, and a shining example of healthcare done RIGHT. "Thank you" is so inadequate. I hope you enjoy every minute of your retirement!

Rick Halpert
November 15th 2019 09:51:29 AM Michele Marquardt Frank, it has been an honor to work with you at the Bronson Health Foundation for over ten years. I am always impressed with your commitment to the health of our community and to all the innovative ways Bronson can make it more effective, easier and more economical to serve us. You should be very proud of your legacy at Bronson and in Kalamazoo. Your leadership has been forward-thinking and inclusive, and we are all incredibly fortunate to have you in our lives.
November 15th 2019 09:37:00 AM Gayle Kokmeyer Congratulations on a well deserved retirement. Your contributions to Bronson are countless and your ability to lead us through prosperous and lean times are memorable.

So here is a little Dad joke you can tell about retirement

Question: What do retirees call a long lunch?
Answer: Normal

I hope you enjoy countless long lunches, you deserve them all.


November 14th 2019 06:22:27 PM Susan Ulshafer Congratulations on an amazing career that has many memorable moments. I hope you and Susan enjoy your retirement as much as Don and I are enjoying ours. So, kick back as you prepare for a wonderful new chapter in your life---I wish you sandals and shorts for many years to come. Celebrate!
November 14th 2019 11:54:08 AM Darlene Powell Frank,
I remember the day you became the CEO after Pat Ludwig it was a sad time for Bronson but you stepped in and led us to where we are today a leading name in Healthcare. What a journey it has been in my 40+ years at Bronson I've always been proud to work here and while we've experienced so many changes your leadership has kept us viable and well respected. You never failed to call me by name whenever we crossed paths I thought that was so impressive the CEO of Bronson knew my name. Best wishes to you and your wife as you enjoy retirement as it is well deserved. Thank you for making Bronson who we are today!
November 14th 2019 11:48:49 AM Terry Morrow Frank,
Accepting your offer to join your team at Bronson was the best professional decision I’ve made—Bronson is home to me. I’ve learned a great deal about leadership under your mentorship and those are lessons that will guide me for years ahead. The confidence you had in me to lead efforts and to try new things when the outcome was unknown is what I think of most when I consider how impactful your leadership has been to me personally and professionally. Thank you.
November 14th 2019 08:34:21 AM Kathy Sullivan Thank you for your leadership. One regret I have as an employee is that I am close to 30 years of service and will miss at the annual service award dinner a hand shake and hug from you. Enjoy the next chapter of your life
November 13th 2019 09:13:33 AM Ken Buechele Frank - It have been a privilege to work with you in my 17 years at Bronson; you have taught us all to strive for excellence and to keep the patient and community at the center of what we do every day. Congratulations and best wishes in retirement!!
November 12th 2019 04:35:42 PM Molly Murdock Thank you for providing great leadership and lots of positivity to Bronson over the past 32 years! Best of luck in retirement.
November 12th 2019 01:31:12 PM John Jones Frank: Karrie, Max, Ellie and I wish you and Susan the happiest and best retirement. We hope you have wonderful travels, warmer winters and cool summers. Speaking of cool summers, we look forward to seeing you in Northern Michigan as your travel schedule permits! J2
November 12th 2019 01:26:59 PM Kelli Byrne Frank –
Congratulations and best wishes as you take this next big step in your life! Thank you for all you have done for Bronson and the region. We have all benefitted from your leadership!! On a personal note, thank you for the opportunity to be your assistant these last 15 years. It has truly been a dream job and one I never took for granted. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. We are forever grateful!!
November 12th 2019 11:53:28 AM Sheena Kalemkiewicz Thank you for steering the ship so well. Best wishes on your retirement!
November 12th 2019 11:08:36 AM Cathy Doan Wow, what you have done for Bronson and the community has been amazing! You are truly a great leader, Frank. All the best in your next chapter!
November 12th 2019 10:35:33 AM Sue Birch Reinoehl From the first time I picked you up at the airport I knew you were someone special. I could never have known how you would transform Bronson, healthcare and our region 30 + years later. Thank you Frank for commitment, support and always doing the right thing for our patients and this region. Sue
November 12th 2019 10:02:41 AM Laurel Barber Frank-
Your vision and leadership are the key to our success as an organization. You leave behind a legacy that will forever be remembered. One thing I have always admired about you is your ability to connect with all people and remember their names!
Wishing you the best of everything in your retirement.
November 12th 2019 09:22:16 AM Susan Watts Frank,
Thank you for your vision of what exceptional healthcare should be and for taking us on the journey to excellence to achieve it. You have been a kind, thoughtful, exemplary leader, and I wish you all the best in retirement. It will be a new kind of journey…and I’m sure you have a wonderful vision for it, too. Enjoy!
November 12th 2019 09:02:32 AM Michael Thanks for the inspiration, helping us to raise the bar and making Bronson one of the best places in the world to work!

Icon of a hand holding a heart-shaped token.

Frank’s legacy of giving and service to others will continue in the form of a donor directed fund established by the Bronson Health Foundation. If you’d like to contribute to the fund in Frank’s honor, click the Donate button below to learn more.


Frank's Retirement Events

Open House for Employees,
Volunteers and Medical Staff
Tuesday, December 17
2:00 – 5:00 pm
Gilmore Center for Health Education
Bronson Methodist Hospital

Community Open House
Wednesday, December 18
1:00 – 4:00 pm
Bronson Upjohn Building
301 John St., Kalamazoo