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Blood management services help people who don't want to receive donor blood because of religious beliefs or risk of infection. Physicians and staff work to provide options that can prevent the need for donor blood.

Why Choose Bronson Methodist Hospital for Blood Management?

  • Physician champions in each medical specialty 
  • Dedicated blood management program manager 
  • Pharmacological alternatives to blood transfusion
  • Staff members use as little blood as possible for blood tests

Blood Management Services & Treatments

We use the most advanced blood management techniques available, including: 

  • CardioPAT – An autotransfusion system that collects, washes and returns the patient's blood during and after cardiac surgery. Patients receive their own high-quality blood with a reduced chance of infection 
  • Cell saver or blood salvage – Cleans and saves your blood during surgery and puts it back in your body 
  • DaVinci® surgical system – Robot-assisted surgery makes smaller cuts, resulting in less blood loss 
  • Minimally invasive surgery – Reduces blood loss, pain and time in the hospital, and can lead to a quicker recovery
  • TEG analyzer – This advanced technology uses special software to analyze the patient's blood during and after surgery. The results help the surgeon lower the risk of bleeding and determine the best treatment at the time of care

Benefits of Blood Management 

  • Less exposure to new viruses and infections 
  • Less risk of using old donor blood, which may not be as good for you
  • Fewer infections after surgery or treatment 
  • Faster recovery 
  • Better outcomes after surgery or treatment

Our Blood Management Team

We have a team of doctors who specialize in the latest and most advanced blood management techniques, including:

Locations of Blood Management Services

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