Blood Management

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Blood Management

Blood management services & treatments

If you want to avoid using donated blood during medical procedures because of religious beliefs, risk of infection or other personal reasons, you have options. Bronson offers bloodless medicine solutions for many procedures.

We use the most advanced blood management tools available including:

  • Cell saver or blood salvage – With this method, during surgery, your blood is cleaned, saved and then returned to your body. Using this method, you receive your own high-quality blood with a reduced chance of infection.
  • DaVinci® surgical systemRobot-assisted surgery makes smaller cuts, resulting in less blood loss which means a reduced need for a transfusion.
  • Minimally invasive surgery – Surgery using very small incisions that reduces the amount of blood loss
  • TEG analyzer – This advanced technology uses special software to analyze the patient's blood during and after surgery. The results help the surgeon lower the risk of bleeding and determine the best treatment at the time of care.

Choosing blood management for your surgery

Blood management services are provided by a team of doctors who specialize in the latest and most advanced blood management techniques. Our team of experts will help develop the best treatment plan for you.

If you know you are coming to Bronson for an upcoming surgery and would like more information about our blood management services, feel free to contact us beforehand. If you are coming to Bronson for an unanticipated surgery, we will be able to provide you with the same blood management services at your request.

Learn more about blood conservation

Before, during and after your treatment, there are many local resources available at your convenience. Visit one of our local community partners for more information on blood conservation.

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Blood Management