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The importance of breast health and what it means for you

Breast health is one of the most important concerns of women. For example:

  • Without breasts, women are unable to feed or nurture infants
  • Breasts are oftentimes tied to a woman’s identity of what it means to be a woman
  • The proximity of the breasts to other vital organs is also important to note. If there is cancer in the breasts, it is possible that it could spread to other important, near-by organs.

Regardless of the history of breast cancer in your family, it is still important to stay up-to-date on exams. Oftentimes, women have a tendency to push their own needs aside in place of the needs of their family. Find out from these five breast cancer survivors why having a mammogram is important.

Bronson Breast Surgery: Walking a patient though their breast cancer journey
Getting diagnosed with breast cancer is very scary. Listen to this podcast to learn how our team of skilled breast surgeons, nurse navigators and other staff will help you through your journey.
Breast Health Nurse Navigator Service
Listen to this radio chat with Jennifer Schepel, BSN, RN, CN-BN to learn how our breast health nurse navigator service can help you through your journey.
3D Mammograms Dr. Christina Jacobs
3D Mammograms available in South Haven with Dr. Christina Jacobs.
Mammograms Save Lives
A few years ago, these Bronson employees were brought together after treatment for breast cancer. All are now cancer-free. Watch as each talk about their journey.
Susan's Story
There was no family history of breast cancer in Susan’s family, and she wasn’t late for a mammogram. Watch Susan talk about her journey. She's been cancer-free since 2009.
Sandy's Story
As a two-time breast cancer survivor, breast cancer doesn’t who it hits or family back-ground. Watch as Sandy talks about her journey. She's been cancer-free since 2014.
Jan's Story
At 26 years old, Jan never thought she would have breast cancer. It was found through a mammogram. Watch as Jan tells her story. Cancer-free since 1983.
Shannon's Story
Just turning 40, Shannon thought she would have all the “bells and whistles” so she had a 3D mammogram. Watch as Shannon tells her story. She's been cancer-free since 2016.
Veronica's Story
At age 35, with two manual breast exams showing normal, Veronica requested a mammogram. Watch as Veronica talks about her journey. She's cancer-free since 2010.

Breast health conditions treated

We understand that each woman is different, and each woman has unique breast health needs. At Bronson, you’ll find we treat a variety of breast conditions. Commonly treated conditions include:

Collaborative approach to treatment of your breast health condition

The specialists at Bronson wants to make sure to provide you with the best resources and services available. Our team is equipped with several different providers to help you with all of your needs. This includes:

  • Surgeons – Doctors with a special interest in breast surgery to treat or remove breast cancer.
  • Radiologists – Doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases or injuries using medical imaging techniques.
  • Nurse – A person who is trained to care for those who are sick
  • Radiology technologist – A person who performs diagnostic imaging exams and gives radiation therapy treatments.
  • Medical oncologist – A doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer with chemotherapy, hormonal, biological and targeted therapy.
  • Nurse navigator – A highly skilled nurse who coordinates your care and acts as a single point of contact to your medical team and community resources.

Services include routine breast exams using X-rays to take images, also known as mammograms, breast surgery, counseling and education, breast cancer detection and treatment. You deserve, and will get, our support every step of the way.

Care close to home

At Bronson, the team of breast health specialists, at locations throughout southwest Michigan, will coordinate your care, close to home.

Breast exam recommendations

  • Women age 18+ should perform a monthly breast self-exam
  • Women age 20-40 should get a clinical breast exam every three years.
  • Women age 40+ should get a clinical breast exam and a mammogram every year.

Breast cancer health risk assessment (free)

Comprehensive breast health care

As a patient, you’ll benefit from a variety of breast health services that work together to provide you with the best care possible. This includes some of the most advanced therapies and technologies including 3D mammography, breast MRI, stereotatic breast biopsy, breast surgery and cancer treatments. Our team is committed to developing the right treatment plan for you. This commitment, partnered with our expertise, means that you'll receive outstanding compassionate care you’ve come to know and expect from Bronson.

All this is what makes Bronson a leader in high-quality women’s health care. And with mammography services offered at eight convenient locations throughout Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Paw Paw and South Haven, we’re always close by and here for you.

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